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Coal, Dust and Dirt

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 Recently I went on a photographic journey to capture some of the open cut coal mines around where I live. It is very hard to get photographs into the mines from the road. Of course you can't get permission to take photos in the mines I have to make do with what I can see. I got these first two shots by climbing a hill, in a place where the road cut through to top of a hill. From half way up I could see some of the mines on either side of the road. 

 I took most of the photos using a zoom lens because the machinery is often a long way of even if you can see it. That little yellow truck is actually gigantic.  I did stand next to one once and even just the wheels towered over me.

And then of course there is the dust, one thing our area is well known for. This shot rather proves it, as does the fact that a day after I have dusted the house there is a layer of dust again, and the dust is black.

Just a few days ago there was no hill of dirt dividing me from the mines, and you could see right down in. But by the time I got out there again while on my little trip they had built one of their barrier hills... probably to block sound and dust a tiny bit... maybe to stop photographers taking photos. It is notoriously hard to find a place to see in. There is almost always bound to be something in the way. 

So to get these shots I stood on the window sill of my car..... and also climbed a tree. There were some other better trees but the first branch was quite a way up, and I was alone so it was not the safest thing to do... so I very sensibly stopped with the low tree.

Anyway I hope you found my mine tour interesting. If you want to see any more photos from that day you can check them out on Austockphoto, there are heaps.

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