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Funny and Sometimes Awkward

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I have not done one of these posts for.... way too long... so here is another. I find most awkward things funny so each thing is kinda both or just funny.

"Bend back, bend back, no not like that, back!" I say to Alice as I am trying to get her posing the way I wanted for a particular photo. Then I realized she was bending away from me but to the side... so "No bend backwards" I demonstrated "Like this." and she finally got it and now it is just funny so when I did some photos of my other sister Jane she of course sees how far backwards she can bend.... while playing her violin. She got a lot further than that photo but the next shot was a bit blurry.

As one of my sisters says when I am taking photos of them, "I like it how if you want to take the photo from a slightly different angle you don't actually move your feet you just bend and tip." Or something along those lines, apparently I look funny.

I go into the post office to pick up a parcel and the lady asks me “what is your address” I stare at her for a few seconds…. Why in the world did she ask that…. What is my address??? Then I realized I’d better answer… “Um 'enter my address',” I said it really fast, and wondered why she didn’t just ask for proof of identity. I think I much prefer that….. somehow when someone ask me a simple question on the spot I often completely lose the answer….

When mummy is cutting Jane's hair “Can you put you eyebrow down!” “See you're cutting it all wonky” (Because she has one eyebrow raised)

Getting this email three times…. bahhhhahaha! Oh, every time I re-read it! You could use it to start a story.


Kindly Accept & Acknowledge my Proposal!

I understand that through Internet is not the best way to link up with you
to inform you about this notification but because of the confidentiality
which my proposal demands. However, I have already sent you this same letter
one month ago, but I am not sure if it did get to you since I have not heard
from you, hence i am constrain to reach you through the Internet which has
been abused over the years. I wish to notify you again that your name was
mentioned as heir to the sum of 5,600, 000.00 sterling pounds. In the last
testament of our deceased client name now withed. I and my team of the Heir
Hunters Company in the United Kingdom are detectives assisting distant
relatives of people who have died with or without making any official will.

As the heir hunter's team of detective, the race is now on for us to track
down the often distant relatives in line for a windfall.  We came across
your profile and email while searching through genealogy database. Note as
the heir hunters our aim is to assist people claim there lost relative
fortune instead of the government or Bank MDS to use the money to in reach
their treasury. Please send an acknowledgment email to enable us process your
inheritance with all due verification process.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Waking myself up at night multiple times because I was talking out loud while having dreams about double crossing dragons…. Not very nice dragons... they wanted to eat me, and one betrayed me… and it being a dream I don’t really remember much else.

Ironing the wrong pile of clothes…. What’s more, I normally like ironing except when it is silky material of fancy clothes and the three things I ironed were just that kind of thing. (I have a job for some of the morning, one day a week, doing some household stuff for a neighbour) But anyway those clothes were sitting where I had been told the ironing would be so I just assumed they were what I was meant to iron. Later I ironed the right basket of clothes that had still been sitting up on its perch near the roof (where I can’t reach). And the basket was FULL, it took me two hours to get it all done…. And that is no exaggeration because I get paid per hour so I had to notice how long it took.

For the Summer Reading club this year I was in the adults section and I knew that I had over 200 hours/100 tickets in the prize draw and they read out some stats first. I can’t quite remember now but they said there were eight hundred and something hours ( I think hours, but I at the time I had forgotten that there are two hours to a ticket) reading time done by the adults and I realized just what a huge portion of that number was me since there were about 40 adults participating…… needless to say I won the person who read the most in that category. So many of those hours came from audio books which I have decided are almost as good as real books they are just “invisible books” which really sounds quite cool.

Jane     (she said I should include that one, just like that on its own, and I suppose because she said it that makes it worthy to be included.)

Taking photos of my sister during a ‘professional’ photo shoot I was doing of her, but needing to get down low…. I was half lying on the ground but being careful not to lie on the lens in my pocket (yes as Jane said “You have big pockets”) So I was resting on my knees and elbows and groaning while taking the photos and telling Alice to smile and trying to hide from the low sun behind her all at the same time… and the grass was itchy.

Me during a photo shoot…. Normally I am fairly shy, but not when I am being professional. The husband of my client was talking and talking to the owner of the winery we were shooting at, she had called him a few times, finally I yelled at him across the car park “'his name' you are paying me to take your photos so you better be in some of them” …… And I just did it and it was not embarrassing, but something like that normally would be just so awkward and I probably would not do it, but holding my camera gives me super powers!

When I am so sure there was something else to add to this post but can no longer remember it.

What Awkward and Funny things have happened in your family recently?

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  1. Yep, I'm just funny and awkward all the time. :D

  2. I just tagged you for the Liebster award on my blog! ;)
    P.S That email!! ;'D That was hilarious!!

    1. Thanks, I'll try and do it some time :D

  3. I always have much more courage when taking photos as well. I used to be nervous to direct how people pose, but now I'm totally comfortable telling people to do what I want them to do.

    1. Yes it is like holding a camera gives you more power! I think it is just because I am only thinking of getting toe photos and I will do whatever I can to get them.

  4. Haha, these are great. I always feel silly when I pose for pictures, but I try to embrace it. Love the camera of power, though! And that goodness, normally it's an African prince needing to get his money out of the country!

    1. Yep that email was so funny. Glad you enjoyed reading the post :D

  5. This is so so great. xD And that is awesome that your camera gives you superpowers. I wish mine did that....*glares it at* Clearly it and I need to work on that. ;D

    Also I am the SAME when people ask me questions that I'm not anticipating. Even like really obvious questions. I once got so befuddled when I gave the post office lady too much change and she tried to give it back to me and my brain just FROZE and I didn't take it and I was so soooo embarrassed because I didn't understand she was giving me back the extra. *facepalm* I am such a shy awkward turtle. xD

    1. Ah that would be so bad, but at least those situations are kinda funny after they have happened and you have got home :D

  6. This is so funny! I am a rather awkward person. Like my teacher was talking about her husbands publishing company, and I asked how many books it had published, and she said 20, and I was like 'that's not very many', although apparently it is for a small two-year old one. And I've also called multiple teachers 'dad' (probably because my dad helps me with work at home) which is just the awkardest thing ever, and let's not talk about how often I walk into poles/walls/people (or even glass doors, they're scary)

    1. Oh yes! 20 does not sound many to me either... As for doors they can be nasty especially doors that should not be closed in the dark....

  7. I hate taking pictures of myself. If I need a new profile picture I usually make about a hundred and then find one or two acceptable ones I can use. xDD

    1. I just find that I can't be bothered to get out the tripod to photograph myself, if I ever need to I normally use mirrors... or have my sister be a 'walking tripod'

  8. I LOVED this post. Ha!

    I relate to these things so well, especially waking yourself up at night and the post office questions!
    I don't know how, because I don't snore or talk in my sleep, but I wake myself up and night and always get the BIGGEST fright and then I'm terrified to sleep again in case it happens (weird, I know).

    As for the awkward questions...ahh, I'm the worst!
    Sometimes it even happens to me with family. it's rather cringey now that I think about it.
    My mum will be like, "Kat, would you like some toast" and I just don't know what to say. I kind of stare at her until she says, "Yes or no to the toast?"

    I love knowing other people go through moment like this.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post!

      Sometimes I don't want to go back to sleep because of the weird dreams I was just having. It is nice to know that others people do things just as silly as you do, isn't it!