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Happy Easter: Some Cute Photos

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We have new life in our saviour! What a blessed day, the day we remember how he defeated death. Easter is just a wonderful time of the year. It is also an excuse to take photos (not that I need excuses), so I did an Easter photo shoot of my littlest sister the other evening and she is just the cutest ever so I had to share the photos. 

I did a photo shoot of Ann last Easter with the same basket of chalk eggs, and since those eggs had survived a whole year without being used I decided we better do it again you can see last years post here. My photography and editing has improved since then. And of course I rarely took photos in RAW then, but all these were taken in RAW before I edited them and saved them as jpg. files. Sorry about all that technical talk for those of you who do not understand such things. You may now scroll down and enjoy the photos.

And for anyone who is interested in the photography side (technical talk) of these photos, as I said I took them all in RAW and then edited them in Lightroom. In these two last shots you can see the original shot in the corner and how it turned out after editing. 

You may have noticed that I took nearly all these photos with the camera facing towards the sun which would probably be a mistake if I was not taking them in RAW. But in a RAW file there is such a great range of information and I could bring back as much light as I wanted, and fix up the white balance to be nice and warm. And in this next shot actually make it look a bit hazy. RAW files always need editing, but the final result is so much better and they are much easier to edit without loosing any information than jpg. files are.

The main edits I have done to all these images were adding exposure, some to the whole photo and other parts just over Ann, also adding a little contrast and obviously sharpening them, as all RAW files need to be sharpened at least a little. Anyway I hope you enjoyed those photos, happy Easter!

Does your family have any Easter tradition?
Have you ever tried taking photos in RAW? or do you always shoot jpg. If you have not tried it you seriously should!

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  1. I read shooting in raw is best, however it always frustrates me how long it takes to import the photographs onto my laptop.
    I love the wonders of lightroom, and being able to see your before and afters <3

    1. Yes it can take a while, but I prefer having things take longer and getting even better photos afterwards. Sometimes it can take me over half an hour to load a heap of photos from a photo shoot onto the computer.

  2. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. And I looked at your post from last year and oh wow, they were also beautiful. But I can definitely see your improvement!! *shrieks at your wonderful skills* Also your sister is ADORABLE. A willing model? ;D I tried to take a photo of my nephew (5yo) the other day and they are all blurry and he's NEVER looking at the camera, omg. XD Least to say, photographing things that aren't still are not my forte. :P
    I would love to try photographing in RAW! I don't have lightroom though. :( Mostly because my computer had a dying swan attack when I attempted to use lightroom on it. -_- More ram here I come before I can do this...*sighs*

    1. No she is not always a willing model, by the end of that photo shoot she was sitting on the ground saying 'Noooooooo' in a very cute but decided way. Sometimes you can still get great shots when little ones aren't looking though and of course it is easire to get a clearer shot if there is enough light to have a faster shutter speed.

      Silly computer, it should just do as it is meant to and not just have heart attacks when we ask it to deal with hundreds and thousands of photos, and of course that photo editing software which is a blessing most of the time but very painful sometimes. Like when I last updated Photoshop and it wiped all my personal brushes... Including my watermark.

  3. Happy Easter! I really love the last photo, just how the driveway give it that extra...somethingy feel. :P

    1. The driveway actually has hidden its normal nasty spiky-rock appearance quite well there.