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Why God Made Little Girls

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I saw this poem the other day and thought that I must never forget how to be a little girl, or at least not for a long time yet. I don't know who to credit this lovely poem to, because where I found it the name under it was Margaret Fishback Powers, but in another place Henry Alfred Dixon. Maybe it was another who really wrote it, I don't know. Most sources say Anonymous. But whoever it was that wrote it I am glad they did.

This poem made me think. We are so often in a rush, from one thing to another. We don't stop, we are not often still. God has given us so many things, small moments to enjoy. It is easy to grow to old and not stop to look at the world through the eyes of a little girl. But here is the poem, so you can read it before I continue.

Why God Made Little Girls

God made the world with towering trees,
Majestic mountains and restless seas.
Then paused and said , "It needs one more thing...
Someone to laugh and dance and sing.
To walk in the wood and gather flowers...
To commune with nature in quiet hours."

So God made little girls
With laughing eyes and bouncing curls,
With joyful hearts and infectious smiles,
Enchanting ways and feminine wiles.
And when He'd completed the task He'd begun.
He was pleased and proud of the job He'd done.
For the world, when seen through little girl's eyes
Greatly resembled Paradise.

Sometimes we just need to be still and know the He is God. We need to stop rushing about and instead laugh, dance and sing, or walk in the woods, slowly, looking at all the miracles around us, thanking God, just drinking it all in and counting our blessings. It is too easy to grow old, and we will, but we need not forget to laugh, dance, sing, and look for those moments when we can almost see paradise. 

Some beauty we may ignore because it is so common. But Just think about the miracle of a tree that looked dead bursting out into blossom, or green leaves pushing out of twigs that were days before brown and bare, as if dead. There are so many small miracles in creation.

We went to a macadamia nut plantation the other day and wandered around picking up the nuts off the ground. We had to take the outer shell off, and then when we got home crack the inner shell to get to the edible part of the nut. 

One thing I noticed though was how beautiful the shells were. The outer shell had two layers and between those two layers were beautiful patterns of laced fibers that made up the case. And when the inner shell is hammered open then insides of everyone of them are smooth and two coloured. One side is cream and the other coloured dark like chocolate. Both colours join in an almost perfect line. 

 You could say you have to look for the beauty in the nut shells. Some beauty we can see easily, at other times it is more hidden. But if we never stop rushing and take that deep breath of air we need we will miss the beauty God has placed all round us. So today I challenge you to stop for a moment and remember what it was like to be young or remember that you are still young and try get a glimpse of paradise.

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  1. This makes me think of Ecclesiastes 3:11--He has made everything beautiful in it's time... I agree, sometimes we need to stop and look at the world through a little girl's eyes where everything is touched with a hint of "magic".
    I occasionally eat macadamias but I never knew how or where they grew! Very interesting!