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Crafty: Candle Holder

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A While ago I made a pretty candle holder thing. It is quite a easy quick craft that is fun for all ages. I actually ended up making this one after helping my brothers each make one, and theirs looked so nice that I wanted one too!

You will need: 

  • Some kind of Jar, ours were just old Jam jars (you may also need vinegar to get old labels off, just soak it in that for a while before scrubbing)
  • Wire, to make handle and pliers to twist it with
  • An old book (poem book).... or tissue paper
  • Ribbon, sparkles, flowers made of ribbon  (possibly a needle and thread)
  • Glue
  • And obviously a candle

A second after I took this photo the twig it was hanging on snapped...

Like this
With mine I made the handle first but with my brothers ones it was last, so it does not really matter. Decide how big you want the handle to be then  add another three cm to it. Cut it and then twist each end into a little loop. Then cut a bit of wire that is a bit longer than needed to go around the neck of the jar. Feed it through the two lops in the handle then put it around the jar and twist ends together . 

Next you either go with some tissue paper or.... you .... rip .... up .... a .. book..... Please don't glare at me too hard. I did do it, but the pain it caused me was so great. Even though I had bought this book from the book fair just so I could rip it up and it was falling apart anyway..... Eventually through I ripped out a poem called Reluctance..... and about four pages in total. The I screwed them up and un screwed them and scrunched them up again then tore the pages of the book.... If you think this will cause you as much trauma as it did me it may be wise to just use some pretty coloured tissue paper.

Quite simply all you then have to do is paint a little glue onto the jar and place the paper once book page onto it. Wait until that is dry (depending on what glue and how much you used the time will differ). Then you come to the decorating part. One of my brothers just wanted some ribbon around it which we glued on. The other painted seven (because that is how old he is) splots of glue on the tissue paper and poured sparkles onto them. Who says boys can't like pink purple and sparkles.

I found some nice sparkly ribbon and cut a massive length of it and twisted it around and around the handle then around over the wire that holds the handle onto the jar and tied it off on the little loopy bit of metal. I liked the look of the little tail bits hanging down the side, so I cut some more and sewed them on. Then I sewed the flowers on too and lit the candle before putting it in the jar with some tongs..... well actually I attempted to light it in the jar first which resulted in me nearly getting burnt off fingers.

So it is really quite simple. I just made it up as I went along. And now I suggest you try it too.

Have you ever made a candle holder, or some kind of decorated jar?
Do you want to?

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