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Bird Activity: October

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Almost the end of October already. Time flies, just like birds do when I try photograph them. Sometimes I can get close enough.... it I have a zoom lens on the camera anyway. This Galah was quite a friendly fellow, but I didn't try get any closer than about two and a bit meters away and still mostly behind a bush.

The galah was heaps less shy than this White-faced Heron who has been hanging around the back paddock this month. Despite the fact that it is around a lot I have not succeeded getting very close to it. 

There are quite a lot of Australian Wood Ducks around, as there usually are. But some of them have babies.

Once cloudy Sunday morning we were driving to church when on the other side of the road we saw a family of duckies. As we were not running late I got out and grabbed a few quick photos.

As I got closer the ducks all ran into a patch of long grass and flattened themselves to the ground. As you can see in the photo they are quite well hidden. And if you didn't know they were there you wouldn't know they were there! Especially if you were not right up close.

I see or more often hear King parrots Rosella's and Rainbow Lorikeets everyday. They are such bright coloured birds.

As sweet as the galahs look, they can be pests too. They nest in hollow trees and seem to understand that if a tree dies there will be more hollows in it. So they will slowly nibble away at the trunk of a large tree and eventually ring-barking it, killing it. At the beginning of this month I noticed that they had killed the top of the tree, now a few weeks later it had almost no leaves on it. Hopefully though only the very top will die.

I managed to get some nice shots of galahs this month, so I shall leave you with a few more of them. And an interesting fact that I have said before but anyway. The galah in all the photos but the last one is a boy. You can tell because a female galah has pink or red bits in/around their eyes and the male birds eyes are just black.

What birds have you seen this month?
Did you know that boy and girl galah's eyes were different colours?

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  1. Replies
    1. I thought that was a kinda cute one even if not the very best photographically.

  2. Nice pictures! Those are some spectacular birds.

    1. Thanks, I was very happy with the shots!

  3. You have some beautiful birds there in Australia! So bright and colorful! Lovely pictures Clare!