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The Umbrella Festival

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Yes it is a rather catchy name, or at least it made me go "What, what in the world is that?" So I went to find out. And indeed The Umbrella Festival is mostly just like any markets with a lot of games happening at it as well... baring one odd thing.... there were umbrellas everywhere!

If I had not had my hands full of camera then I would have joined in and carried my umbrella around too, like many of the people who came were. It was a rather cool excuse for carrying an umbrella around on a bright sunny and HOT day. Umbrellas also make really eye catching decorations.

They also made it so colourful!

There were also balloons, and streamers and other bright coloured bits and pieces. Among stalls and in the gardens or fences of the houses around the park where the festival was held.

Kids played under a huge sprinkler, got their faces painted, played lazier tag, other games or just wandered around looking at things. There were also displays of bikes and cars.... lines and lines of cars (old, cool, shiny cars)

I had a fun morning walking around photographing everything, just for my own enjoyment, and even got mistaken for a newspaper photographer! Which in my point of view is really cool. And that was not the first time. I got my photos up on my Facebook page Go on go look at it and maybe even like it.... that night, this morning I got a message from the organizers of the event asking if they could buy some of the photos I took. Needless to say I am very happy.

 Do you have any unusual festivals in your town or a nearby one?

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  1. Yeah... there's one unusual event near us called the umbrella festival... ;)

    1. Oh, you must live close to us, I had no idea......... Thanks for the laugh Emily.

  2. I wish my town had a fun festival like this! So unique and the umbrellas look so bright and charming! Great pictures and congratulations on being able to sell some of them!

    1. Yes it was rather cool, and just less than half an hour away.

  3. Looks like SOO much fun! <3