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Only Six Words

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For a six word story competition. That Joy is hosting, ending tomorrow. And I found out about today. The pictures inspired me to write. My sister Jane was doing this. She is how I found out. I thought it would be fun. Good exercise for a writer's brain. So I am doing it too. See her six word stories here.  Now for my three short stories. 

First picture Three, my favourite one:
They rippled, changing, then splashed downwards.

Now for the Second, inspirational picture:
Paintball should not end like this.

And finally the last, picture One:
This Ice Queen is not me.

Do you realize just how hard it is to put what I think about one picture in six words! Or even a whole blog post. Well almost all of a post. Have you ever written a one sentence, or six word story? They are almost like a poem. 

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  1. Yay! Thanks for entering, Clare!!

  2. That would be my pleasure, all.

  3. Six word stories are fun. I've done that exercise a number of times--it does turn the mind to jello a bit with extensive repetition. But it's a valuable challenge.

    1. Yes I think I shall be doing this again some time, I enjoyed it.

  4. I love the paintball one :D

    1. Glad you like it, thanks for the comment :D