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Awesome Food Tag

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I have been nominated for a tag, well actually that was ages ago but I am finally getting around to doing it now. So thank you Katie for the tag. There almost always seem to be rules with these tags, so here are the ones that go with this one. 

Note: food does not generally inspire me with awe.... but it is the name of the tag so I shall leave it alone.

Very important rules, that must be followed, or you food will grow legs and run of so fast you shall have no alternative but to starve or post these rules:
1. Thank the person who tagged you. 
2. Answer the 10 questions asked.
3. Then come up with 10 more questions. They have to be food related...obviously
4. Nominate/tag 10 people. Or at least one person anyway.

Here be the questions I must answer, with their answers, or at least they shall have answers by the time I have published this post. Although saying that I am tempted to publish this post now.... just so I would be wrong..... anyway the questions:

1. Absolute favourite food of all time that you couldn't live without? Is this actually a question? It should have a who why what when where kind of word in front of it.... I don't even think it is quite a proper sentence.... oh well. To be truthful I could live without any one food, but I would seriously miss a lot of things like wheat products... which is mostly what our bread is made of and wheet-bix I eat them every day, if I could not eat wheat that would be a sad day indeed, but it is not this day! Then there is potato, in its mashed form. It may seem really odd, but I like mashed potato so much! Still I could live if you took it away from me.... as long as you left me with other food.

2. Do you like spicy food? Yes, well fairly spicy.... but I am not sure how spicy I like stuff..... but I certainly don't run from spicy!

3. What's something you refuse to eat? Rocks..... food my little sister has already had in her mouth..... moldy things.... socks... things that aren't food.... Soup..... well not all soup, I really like tomato and pumpkin soup.... but most other soups..... really seem to disagree with my insides....

4. What's your favourite pizza topping? Home made pizza, every time. And I like the pineapple on it, but the pizza would be very boring if it only had pineapple and nothing else on it.... apart from the fact that the pineapple would also fall off.

5. What did you last eat for breakfast? Weet-bix and sultanas. I have that every single morning, except for on special occasions when we have croissants as well or I feel like having brown sugar on my Weet-bix instead of sultanas.... Yep very boring, but I never have to decide what to have.

6. What did you last eat for lunch? Bread, home made bread with home made plum jam on it.

7. What did you last eat for dinner? Cabbage mince, made with cabbage we grew in our veggie garden! It is mostly what it sounds like, cabbage, mince, some other things to flavour it, all on rice.

8. Do you have snacks? Rather, especially if there are containers of slice and biscuits just siting on the bench. I don't like really big meals, I prefer lots of small ones....

9. What's your favourite ice cream flavour? Ummm we always have plain ice cream and then have other things with it like; maple syrup, marshmallows, Milo or caramel.

10. What's your favourite restaurant to go to? Um.... no where, I don't really have a place I go regularly.. oh I know Tanglewood Cafe... which is what my Dad calls our place. Not that it is a cafe though. 

Now I shall ask some questions;
1. What is the weirdest tasting thing you ever ate, and can you describe the experience?
2. Why do donuts have holes in them?
3. Do you have a secret recipe, if so what is it?
4. (I must admit I am not quite genius enough to think of this questions, but as it is food related and a cool one I am asking it) If you were to fling a scoop of biscuit dough in space directly toward the sun, how long would it take the dough to turn into a fully baked biscuit? Also, how much would you pay for said space biscuit?
5. How often do you eat out?
6. What are three foods you would not eat unless you were starving?
7. Have you ever eaten anything that is not considered food by most people?
8. If you could pull all the food from one book what book would it be?
9. How many different colour foods did you eat for dinner last night?
10. Can you cook, and if so what do you like to cook?

And now I tag four particular people:
Jessica @ Inspiration
Emily @ Amity
Zach @ Zach's Abode
Cait @ Paper Fury

And I also tag anyone who wishes to be tagged, just comment on the post and I shall tag you to :D

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  1. OH THIS TAG IS WONDERFUL. Definitely awesome. ;) HEhee. I'm looking forward to doing it! Although, 'scuse me a moment, but I need come over to your house for lunch because HOME MADE BREAD AND HOME MADE JAM IS GIFT OF THE UNIVERSE TO HUMAN'S MOUTHS. We make homemade strawberry jam all. the. time. Except we are paleo. *heavy sigh* I miss bread and grains a lot BUT I have a lot of allergies so, heheh, I guess it balances. Stiiiilll. Food cravings. Also small meals ftw.

    (Also I'm dying at your question #7. XD I've had long hair for like 90% of my life so MY ANSWER IS GONNA BE HAIR. Ugh. #longhairproblems)

    1. Yep, I also have long hair..... but often have it tied in a bun or braided around my head.... but when it is not, I eat it. And even when it is... flyaway hair....