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The Blue Door

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When I saw this door first I knew I would have to return to use it as a backdrop for some photos, so next time I went to the mulberry tree next to it I took Jane and she modeled for me. The door is not quite so blue as this in real life, but I got a bit obsessed with the peeling paint texture of the door and wanted to bring that out. So enjoy the photos.

There is a second blue door too, leading into a rundown brick room. The windows are smashed and grimy, glass fragments lie in the dust on the floor, rubbish piles in corners and paint peels from the bricks. Turquoise tinted blinds hang in bent, misshapen tatters and the floorboards creak and in one place have broken, there is another door leading out of the room and into the jungle of an ancient mulberry tree. The building's tin roof is slowly being squished down by the thick branches of the tree that is growing over it and the pressure is cracking the mortar between the bricks.

From the inside the door looks to be an entrance to another world, especially if you don't know what is out there.... maybe it is sometimes... or was once... well I can imagine.

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