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A Portal to Otherworlds: A Glimpse of Heaven

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I experienced one of those rare magic moments today. I felt as though a portal to some fantasy place had opened for a minute. The experience just seemed too wonderful to belong in this worlds realm. It was kind of like a glimpse of heaven.

I walk over the dew spangled grass, full towards a row of tall ornamental plums. They are enveloped in white. From behind a cloud in the sky above comes a gust of wind. The gust sweeps by and in the blink of an eye the air around the trees is full of a thousand shimmering flakes. The cloud of white petals loosed from the trees swirl towards me. 

The scent of these early spring days hits me first. Now the air around me is thick with scraps of spring, a petal brushes my cheek, some others settle in my hair. Then the petals drift on downwards where they rest among the stalks of grass. Speckling the green with white, reflecting the sunlight like a glitter of fairy dust. I stand gazing in wonder. Our God is truly an awesome God.

In that moment I did not notice the brick wall of the house a mere meter away or the grey, rocky, driveway or the old, green shed. I did not see the bucket and plastic toys left lying around to fade in the sun. I only saw that moment of perfect beauty, the blue sky, the swirling petals, and the trees reaching towards heaven.

The Jasmine vine is also flowering- as I make a record of the moment when I felt like a princess standing in the wind, just a step away from another world, with petals flying around me- I can smell the heady scent of the star shaped blossoms. The aroma drifts down from the garland I have woven from some of the vines. It is something I often do while the Jasmine is flowering, I have done it for many years, and see no reason to stop. It kinda looks odd, but it smells so heavenly. 

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  1. Wow, that sounds beautiful and amazing! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yes, I think I managed to capture in words what it was like for me fairly well, though nothing can quite tell what it was really like.