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Wild Flowers of September

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I have not done one of these post for a while, simply because I could not find enough wildflowers to be post worthy. But I have found more now that spring has sprung. I only know the names of one kind though.

All of these flowers are very small, and you would hardly notice them if you were not looking for them. These blue flowers are ironically Scarlet Pimpernels. They are not native, but I suspect the other plants could be.

'No heart can think, no tongue can tell
The virtues of the Pimpernel.'

They are also meant to have medicinal value, but different sources say different things. That proverb suggest that they did though, and I know that many plants we now call weeds were once eaten by many, or used in medicines and herbal remedies. 

Have you seen any of these flowers where you live?
Which is your favourite flower?

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  1. Wow, beautiful! I don't know if I could really choose a favourite!! Maybe the one in the third photo from the top, that one's gorgeous! It's going to be autumn here soon, so the leaves are starting to fall already. :)

    1. Yes it is hard to choose, I like the pink one of the dry ground best :D

  2. So, it is just now spring in Australia? Cool!