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Ann and a Camera Lens

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I bought a new lens for my camera the other week and I am so happy with it. To be exact it is a "Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0L IS USM Lens" It rained the first few days after I got it, but finally the sun came out, as did all the spring flowers. I took Ann for a walk up the road.... and did a photo shoot of a kind, and got some smiles. (even though she was not in the best mood)

Her hair was blowing everywhere so I tried to tie it up again... and kind of failed. Then after a few photos I used a bobby pin from my hair to keep it out of her face. 

It is often difficult, trying to keep a child interested and make them look at the camera. In the photo above we were playing a game where I had her point to her eyes, ears, nose and so forth, in the photo she is pointing to her chin. After that I gave her some flowers to pull apart..... well the idea was she would look cute holding them.... but they lost their petals in a matter of seconds.

Then we climbed on the fence

I climbed up and talked to Ann and pulled faces at her, pretended to be a gobbling turkey, and found that the white on the fence comes off on clothes.... especially the red of my skirt and pink of Ann's shirt, and it can't be brushed off...

We watched the cars driving past, and ended up seeing my mum and sister driving past. Alice has just got her Ls, which is both exciting and scary..... and it makes me feel old.

Ann then spied the dogs in the paddock next door.... that sounds odd..... but I would really call it a paddock more than a front yard.... as they have sheep in there as well as dogs.

Last of all we played with rocks, and I tried to dissuade Ann from feasting on them...

It was so nice to be using a lens that could zoom in and out and still get that nice bokeh. Even the fact that I did not have to be meters away from my subject really helped, especially with the photos from the fence. They would not have been possible with only my other lens... unless I also had a ladder... and that would look a really odd sight.... me walking down the road, camera around my neck, ladder on a shoulder and my free hand....fingers in my little sister's hand, and me also having to stoop just a little to avoid getting my fingers dislocated.

Yes... it would not really work, though I have rolled tires down the road, driven the lawn mower over to the neighbors, and pushed a wheelbarrow up the road too.... I don't even remember why, but just that I did. That would have looked slightly odd.... And I have probably done other odd things too that I just don't remember. 

Anyway here are some flowers for all my lovely readers.

And a last few photos

For today

What was your favourite photo?
Do you like photos where people are not smiling?
Do you want to actually see some photos of the lens and not just photos with the lens? Oddly enough you can't really have both at the exact same time....

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  1. I like this one the best!
    Ann's eyes are so lovely!
    what kind of camera do you use? ~Susannah~

    1. She has a lovely smile in that one. I use a cannon 600D body, and of course my new lens!

    2. Such a Lovely camera! I myself just bought (after saving for a LONG time) a Nikon D3200 and I am in love with DSLRs! LOL, I am hoping to have a photo shoot with my Adorable 4 year old nephew this fall! If I can catch him LOL!

    3. Well when they are that old I would suggest bribery, take a packet of smarties, or if anticipation of a treat works, tell him he can have ice-cream when you get back home... or something of the sort.

    4. Oh! I shall have to try that! LOL Nephew, here i come! XD

    5. Yep, little relatives can be perfect models.

  2. I like the photo of Ann's feet and her hands with the rocks. The photos with Ann on the fence (eighth and ninth) are cute same with the second last one with her walking next to/leaning against the fence. The first flower one is really nice, it makes me think of spring and the smell of freesias and warm breezes.

    1. Yes freesias.... I could not as usual remember what they are called.... I also like the ones of her hands and rocks.... at least they were in her hands then and not her mouth :D