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Bird Activity: September

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Late again, it is not September anymore, but we can just pretend it is anyway, can't we. The young Australian Raven has left its nest and I managed to get a photograph of it; by climbing up a ladder that I dragged out under the tree. Apparently I looked rather odd doing so.

The young bird does not have the distinctive beard or white rimmed eyes of the adult yet and its feathers are not the beautiful, satin black feathers of its parents, that shines grey or even white in different lights. You can see where its beard will grow from though and as it gets older its feather will darken and get less fluffy. 

It is also Magpie season. Luckily for us ours are friendly birds, but in town and further down our road they are swooping like crazy. I have heard of people being injured regularly by the birds in some places. We feed our magpies and never throw sticks or anything at them, and they are content to let us wander under their trees, and they come down outside our dinning room window and warble their song for us.

Other birds also visit that window; well mostly the Emu Bush outside it. The Noisy Miners are in it for most of the day, they poke their beaks into the slim red flowers. The Rosellas and King Parrots also visit regularly. They are a little more destructive than the Miner birds, their beaks are far to large to fit into the flowers so they pull a flower from the bush and chew on the end of it before dropping it to the ground and reaching for another. Luckily for the bush the Rosellas and King Parrots are not around quite so often as the Noisy Miners. The bird pictured is a male King Parrot, I much prefer them and Rosellas over Miner birds any day! 

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  1. Cool birds!
    Sorry i have not gotten the letter to you yet, things have gotten crazy around here!
    Susannah K

    1. That's ok, glad you like the birds. September is the craziest month..... except for the end of December...... and December is getting so close! time flies!

  2. I love King Parrots but my fav is our Kookaburras that come and sit on our fence xD

    1. Oh yes I do enjoy hearing the Kookaburras song!