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Falling Down Farm: Photos of Alice

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My sister Alice has just started hew own business, Alice May Web Design. So we drove to a falling apart farm just down our road that some friends of ours used to own. I have all these memories of that place back when it was a bit more stable.... Alice of course needed some lovely photos that she can use on her website, conveniently she has me as her sister. 

We had beautiful golden light for the photos and a few cows had been kind enough to eat the grass short in some places. My sister Jane was our replacement reflector holder, Alice is usually my assistant when I am doing photo shoots, but obviously it is hard to assist at your own shoot. Jane made a rather noisy reflector holder, but at least she did not drop my reflector in any of the cow pats which the afore mentioned beasts had left rather inconveniently in a lot of places we almost stepped. 

I must say my photography is still improving, as are my editing skills. And when I started doing photos professional I had almost no idea about how to pose people.....

In one of the places I took some shots, I had Alice sitting on some stairs.... although what is the definition of stairs. A set of steps leading from one floor of a building to another, typically inside the building. Okay these were outside and the led to a hole in the stairs and the leading part felt like they were going to lead straight to the ground before they even got to the hole.  Amazingly they decided that they would leave that for another day. 

The old sheds were perfect backdrops, the red cow shed one being my favorite. We got a huge variety of shots in the glorious afternoon light.

And Jane was there so we had some laughs... Especially over me, who while taking some photos around these ones, I was kinda lying on the grass groaning because of the uncomfortable position and because of the itchy grass. Alice and Jane found that amusing!

I don't often take photos with so much glare, but I really liked how these few turned out. I simply took them into the sun, so the glare is the sunlight actually on the lens. Oh and one of the lens flairs is added in the portrait photo.

I also have a bit of an obsession with vignetting photos and these two last shots looked so good with that bit of vignette added.

Which is your favourite shot?

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  1. I think my favourite is the one with Alice leaning out the shed window. Plus, I reckon I was an great assistant for making the subject smile. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures Clare! I think your sister ought to be pleased. :)
    I like the first black and white one best.

    1. Thanks, it is also one of my favourite favourites!

  3. Ohhhh these are BEAUTIFUL. And I love how the light is all golden and soft and that glare is beyond perfect. YOU ARE SO TALENTED! And congrats to your sister for starting a website. :D

    1. Ah thanks Cait, I have taken a few of my other sister there too, although we almost ran out of time so I didn't get any shots with that glare like that but I did get some more lovely ones, I will have to finish editing them so I can post them.

  4. These shots are LOVELY.
    The lighting is just PERFECT but I loved the black and white too.

    Congratulations to your sister about her new website (and business)!


    1. Thanks, it was a glorious day for the photos.