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Bird Activity: March

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I have not done one of these posts for a while but I took a few bird photos this month so here is another.

A flock of around 30 Musk Lorikeets hung around for a few days at the beginning of this month. They chattered from the tops of the gum trees in our property and swooped through the blue sky, moving to another tree. One group chattered and climbed in the dead branches at the top of the tree the galahs ring-barked.

We don't often see the Musk Lorikeets, which may be because they are not around most seasons but also because they blend in so well with the leaves even if they are there. They also sound similar to both Rainbow Lorikeets and Rosellas. So I may not even think to look and notice they were different. I was quite happy to catch a few in flight, which as they go so fast is quite difficult. Parrots are one of my favourite birds, they are so pretty and I really like it when I catch a glimpse of their colours flashing through the trees.

A few days after I got some photos of the Rainbow Lorikeets I heard another flock of birds in the tree, I can just see the top of it out the window, above my desk. This time Galahs filled the branches. The Galahs are not so special, as I see them flying over every day and all year around. They also ring bark trees and branches and those branches die and fall off and the trees also die just like the top of this one. Still it is amazing when a huge flock of the birds swoop low over me so that I can feel the wind of their passing.

Do you have any favourite birds?

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  1. Wow, you have lorikeets and rosellas and all sorts! That's awesome! When my family visited Australia (Gold Coast) a few years back we went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and got to feed wild rainbow lorikeets. It was so cool. New Zealand just has the occasional kiwi here and there in the bush (that you never see in the wild) and heaps of wild kea in the mountains! (We often go skiing in the wintertime and there are heaps of kea in the skifield carpark often. They're a real pain because they like eating the rubber bits off cars!)

    1. Yes we have a lot of birds, but we also have a lot of trees with gum blossoms that they like. Those Kea sound funny, imagine that "Well the birds ate my car...." or the tires anyway!They sound a little like the Brush Turkeys that we see when we go on holidays to the coast, they eat anything that is food.. I am not sure if the eat rubber though.

  2. Ooh, such pretty pictures! ^.^
    I'm not sure if I have a favorite bird... I used to like chickadees a lot. Maybe I need to learn more about birds -- I can hardly think of any on the spot. xD

    1. Thanks, I had to look up the what a chickadee was, being an american bird I had no idea other than it was probably small. I do like those tiny birds too especially colourful ones, but I often don't see them right around my place, but usually farther away out in the paddocks.