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Orphan Song Book Scene

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I completed this a while ago but it only just came to my attention that I had not posted it. It is another scene from Orphan's Song by Gillian Bronte Adams. Yes you should go read the book I reviewed it here. Especially since it is only 15 days until the next book "Songkeeper" comes out. And that one is good to.... Ah yes I am already reading it and drawing another character from it, well the Griffin anyway, because he is one of my favourites, we get to see a lot more of him in Songkeeper than in the first book. And you see a lot more of him than a shadow in my next drawing. Anyway here is the completed drawing, which I did in colour, regretting it all the while... until I had finished anyway.

Have you ever drawn any fan art?
Do you prefer this colour one to the one I drew of Ky?
And what about the texture over this one, like or not?

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  1. I really like this one, Clare. Just a little bit better than the one of Ky, I think.
    Drawing fan art would be awesome...If I had artistic skill. As it is, I just get to see everyone else's talent and wish I could draw. But we can't all do everything, I guess!

    1. Thanks, I now can't wait to put up my finished one of Amos and the catbird, at least you can spell though and remember names... like the catbirds real name... oh well, you can't do everything!

  2. Nice! Can't say I've ever actually attempted to draw fanart.. It would be interesting to try out though :)

    Also, I like what you did with the colours :D

    1. Thanks, especially coming from another computer drawing artist..whatever, although mine so far always retain the original sketch. (I think my next one is even better, it will probably be next week before I get around to posting it though) I quite enjoy drawing scenes in books it is just so cool to then be able to see them.