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Tracks, Trains, Mines and Signs

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I went out for a short drive a few mornings ago to the train line nearest my place, and I got a few cool photos as the sun rose. Later in the day I drove considerably further to see if I could find any mine trucks or anything like that to photograph and though I did not succeed in seeing any actual trucks I still got some photos I was happy with.

I have a little obsession with locks on gates. and the sun rising behind them only makes them look better. I waited for ages in between trains and madly took photos as they passed. I think in the hour I was there there were about four trains.

The road signs looked rather nice too in the morning light.

Even fences can look quite good.

I went home and had breakfast before heading back out on another photo hunt.

I got some photos of a water truck spraying the roads in the mine to stop them blowing away.

And more locked gates.

Do you ever go photo hunting?
I usually walk but it was a bit far that time at least it was for the last lot?
Which photos are your favourites?

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  1. Oh, I love the last two photos! Just something about the colours makes them look so cool. :)

    1. My favourites are definitely the train ones.. could be related to how long I spent on them.

  2. Oh oh I love the lock on gate ones too!! YOU ARE SO DEDICATED THO! :D I have never gone anywhere specific for a photo. :P Unless my backyard. I kind of think it'd be awesome to try someday. Your photos are so endlessly beautiful. :')

    1. Thanks, I have another post in the making of the trip I took to pick my little sister up from a place three hours away that took me more than six to get to... because I stopped soooooo many times to take photos... but I got a lot of good ones. And I started really early just so I could do that.

  3. Having an obsession with locks on gates is totally healthy, especially if they're old and rusty, and look like they're keeping secrets...

    I was going to say the first two (locks and sunrise) photos were my favourite, but then I saw the ones of the trains and that mining truck, and decided they're all good. :)

    I do go photo hunting sometimes but mostly just around our property. It's definitely rewarding though, and it sounds like you're quite experienced. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I find even new shiny locks fascinating, but all old things are just begging to be photographed. I used to just photograph things wherever I was, but now that I have a car and license I go out other places more which can be so rewarding.