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Heartless Book Review

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I was so happy when I found this book in our library but now my heart is destroyed. It is written as a prequel to Alice in Wonderland. But it is not quite so mad, which I personally liked as Alice got too weird for me. 

It took me a while to really like the characters, other than Jest, and I did at times wonder why Cath couldn't just get over it and marry the king and be happy. But from the lovely ending (haha) on page 321 the book just tore me to pieces. So if you want a happy ending and all that, do. not. read. a. single. page. past 321.

I eventually realized that I like all the characters and yes I had guessed the plot twist, but it was still good, and well done, and I suspect quite a few people would be surprised by it. The ending was what I expected, except I never expected it to hurt so much. 

Even though I never really liked Alice in Wonderland that much I really enjoyed all the references to it. Now I know why they paint all the white roses red.. oh my heart. And why the Hatter is mad and the raven, and why the queen of hearts is heartless. It is all explained!

This was nothing like Marissa Meyers other books, at all, but it was a good book, still you will probably enjoy it more if you don't expect it to be like her other books. It is something else entirely. The first half of the book was a bit slow, but not the ending. I could not put it down as I read the last third. Also the dreaming stuff was really cool as was the baking. I was also pleased to have the jabberwocky and vorpal sword in there, because that is my favourite piece of Lewis Carroll's writing. 

Content wise, it centers on the romance, or lack thereof between two characters while another two romances go on through the story. (Can't say anymore because spoilers) There is no particularly descriptive violent bits and not that much violence. It is quite odd at times but no where near the level of Wonderland oddness. (a plus for me because that was too weird) There are also three sisters who tell prophecies that in some regards come true

Have you read Heartless or any other Marissa Meyer Books?
What did you think? Do you want to read this one?

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  1. This book shall be read by me sometime. It just sounds too cool to pass up. *prepares for a broken heart*

    1. Yes, indeed, it makes you almost heartless yourself!

  2. *sobs because this book tore my heart out, too* IT HURT xD.

    ~ Savannah @ Scattered Scribblings

    1. Oh it did, it did... *pats you on the back*