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Castles may have bricks, or grains of sand
Some by the sea, or on hills on land

Castles with bridges, castles with flags
Halls and passageways all zigzags

Castles of dirt, to keep out the rain
Piled high by ants, a queens domain

 Castles on hills surrounded by trees
Or perched precariously, lashed by stormy seas

Castles made by children, topped with a stone
A castle for a king, who sits on his throne

Castles have turrets, castles have towers
The bee’s castles are the flowers

Castles reflected in pond and river
A cold dungeon, windy tops, makes one shiver

Castles of ants they build again and again
But people couldn't bother to take so much pain

Castles are ruins, swept by the weather
Away by the sea, or covered in heather

Castles in England, China and Spain
But of many castles, now not a ruin remain

Castles that did tower to the sky
Lonely castles that the wind around does sigh

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