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Tin Chickens

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Tin Chickens
Clare L Farrelly

You will need. Gloves, safety glasses, wavy tin, flat tin, a pencil, chicken pattern, tin snips, a file, a drill, pop rivets, a pop rivet gun, paint  and a very small paintbrush. and maybe some other stuff. 
I never realized you needed so many things till I started to write them all out.

Start with a piece of tin. Careful it may (will) be sharp in places. Lay the chicken pattern on the tin and trace around it. Next cut out a square around the chicken, being careful to not bend the tin too much (or else you will have a deformed chicken). With the tin snips cut off bits around the outline. Now it should look more like a chicken.

Careful the tin is sharp and cuts deep.

To make the stick that you will put into the ground, cut a rectangle out of some flat tin that is fairly easy to bend. Hammer a little over a third of the long edge over on top of itself towards the middle and then the other long side in too so the edges are not sharp. It should be stronger now too, because it is double layered.

Drill two holes in the chicken.
Remember the pop rivets fat end should just fit through them. File away the bits of tin that stick up around the holes. Now position the metal stick behind the chicken and draw a dot, through the holes you just drilled, so that when you try to match the holes up they fit! 

Next drill the holes in the stick using the pencilled dots you just drew. Then you must fit the pop rivets in the holes (push them through from the front). It is a good idea to do one a little then the other a little before you make them firm and pop you have a chicken.

For the eye you could just drill a hole, if this is how you want it then do that before you paint it. Or you could drill a hole (now) and put a pop rivet in after the chicken is painted, or you could just paint the eye on.

Lastly paint: spray the chicken all over in a few light coats (to prevent the paint running) of your desired colour. Using a different colour, paint little wings, eyes, beak and if you want little splodges. If you want to spray paint things like the beak, wrap the chicken-only when it’s completely dry-in a rag, leaving the beak uncovered. This is to avoid accidentally spraying the chicken’s whole head. Both sides can be painted.

Make sure that the different sorts of paint are all compatible with each other and oil based, then they won’t weather so easily. I use enamel oil based paints.

Now you can give it a home in your garden and make some more.

Try putting three together or making them face the other way, experiment with colours and eyes.

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