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Things That Appear Good

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My sister and I lead a Bright Light's group, we are doing set one "Being Strong for the Lord in Your Youth." There are many things in this world that seem good. We represented these with different 'good' sorts of food: rice bubbles, marshmallows, juice, oil, soy sauce, icing sugar, milo, salt and other things. We took a bit of each thing and mixed them all together. The resulting concoction looked brown and sloppy with rather a lot of rice bubbles and a few marshmallows floating in it.

The roses represented us, clean, pure and beautiful young ladies. One of the roses though liked 'good' things, things of the world, temptations we face. When all these are put together and the rose is covered in them it is no longer beautiful and sweet smelling. In fact it smelt DISGUSTING! The other rose kept itself clean doing the things of the Lord and the scent from that rose was lovely. 

Note: it also tastes bad, really bad, like almost throwing up bad. I was not actually the one who tried it but I was a eye witness.

Many things of this world appear good, but really they are not, be careful you do not get covered in the smelly slime and rice bubbles of this world. In our youth we should be about our Father’s business not following the worldly way. The years of our youth are wonderful opportunities for ministry for the Lord. We have value and potential – God has a plan for our lives. We can be strong and make a difference and we can do it now, we don’t have to wait until we ‘grow up.’

Which rose are you?
Which rose do you want to be?

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  1. Great point! We must keep ourselves unsoiled by the world and its attractions.

    I have a friend who also teaches Bright Lights. Sounds like they cover some good things!