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I Wonder How Many Blogger Awards There Are In The World?

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I really do wonder how many blogger awards there are in the world. I seem an expert at finding them, without trying. I have fairly recently been notified of two new ones, or old ones or whatever, but they are not ones I have previously received. They are "Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award" and "You Are Amazing and so is Your Blog award." So I wonder if there is a brotherhood of bloggers too.... I didn't even know there was a sisterhood before, let alone that I was part of it. 

I did always know I was amazing though, that is just obvious, and  therefor so is my blog, no question about it. Neither seem to have rules, other than you are meant to accept the award, or do some post about it.... amounts to the same thing. 

It really should say; "I am amazing and so is my blog"

There are questions too, one set. Which goes to show that these awards are just an excuse to ask questions. Which appears to be the point of most of them. There appears to be no rule about pictures that I could see, so I made my own..... I would have anyway. 

I also read nothing about linking to or thanking the person that awarded me.... But maybe there is something about that in the secret sisterhood of world bloggers code of conduct or something..... or maybe not. It also said nothing about nominating others.....  Actually there were no stated things about these awards other than that they were awarded. 

I had fun making the pictures, and actually it was not very difficult at all. Mostly just one of my photos, an overlay, and a bit of Photoshop to add them together.

Here are the questions (I must answer on pains of death... warning I can be dangerous when cornered..... and threatened with least maybe I can.... don't think I have been before....) I'd probably would be on the look out for sarcastic and other comments that I don't really mean though. Hopefully you also realized that I have not being serious at all in this whole post.

1. What is your favorite place to shop?
One might think the likely answer to such a question would be at the shops, but in my case it is not... I mean shops are for shopping at. Hence the name shops. I like to buy stuff, I assume that is what is meant by shop, on the computer. Well using the computer, I sit next to it and in front of the screen. Then I like to use Facebook..... there is a page for people local to where I live to buy and sell just about everything from.... Problem is there are a lot of other photographers (I presume) who also see things on there as photo props.... and by the time I see them there is almost always at least 10 SOLD's on it.... or 20...

2. What's your favorite thing to eat?
Well what an obvious answer, must I really tell you.... ok then, its simple really, food, oh and preferably food that I like.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Nowhere, a lot of things I often want seem to get there. After I look for them Everywhere and can't find them, I come to the conclusion they are Nowhere or just Somewhere Else, so that may be a good place to go to.

I would often rather go nowhere than somewhere.... modes of transport would probably have a lot to do with it too.

4. Do you like writing letters or emailing best?
I like emailing, it is quick and easy, not time consuming and people don't have to struggle to read my terrible handwriting and spelling. I like receiving mail/letters though, so I do take time to write them, with my terrible messy writing, because I know that I can bless people with my words... even if it takes them ten minutes to work out what is actually written there.

5. Do you have a favorite game? If so, what is it?
A new game, I like old games that I have played hundreds of times, like scum or mafia and others, but I do really like playing things that I haven't played before or at least not for a long time.

6. What's your favorite activity to do with your family?
Sit and read together.

7. Are you musical? If so, what instrument(s) do you play?
Oh can't I be musical without playing an instrument... or must I say I play the Clare, the vocal chords of Clare. Yes I do play.... or is it really called playing it I am the instrument? I don't know.

8. What was the last thing you memorized?
A bible verse... But I can't remember which..... obviously I didn't memories it very well.....

9. What's your favorite book of the Bible and why?
Proverbs. it is so full of wisdom. It is probably the book I have read the most times.... I am always either reading through psalms or proverbs, and somewhere else in the bible to. Hmm that Somewhere Else place has come back again..... at the moment though I am reading Proverbs and Deuteronomy.

10. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Well it appears I am doing it... does that mean I am grow'd up? And for those who have not being paying attention that is being a photographer. If you didn't know that then you better have a look at my website Clear Light Photography. Because you must not have looked at it before.

11. What are some of your hobbies?
Photography, writing, reading, stamp collecting, raising chooks (for y'all Americans I mean chickens. Though in my point of view chickens are baby chooks.) I also do beading/jewelry making, and a number of other crafty things.

12. Do you like doing different hairdos on your hair? 
Guilty, very, I really like trying new hairdos, and finding ones I would like to try copy... generally without doing tutorials.... I only do that if I fail.... and making up my own styles.

Now for questions because I must have a few questions, if I am to have someone to answer them. Maybe I should join the two together and make a new award "The amazing world Bloggers award". I suppose I can only nominate Girls for the sisterhood thingy award. It would be funny to award a guy that though.....

So for the sisterhood award I will nominate Jane because she is very naughty and hasn't done the last award I award her, and she said she would do it. I am waiting Jane! I also nominate anyone who wants to join the sisterhood, or (for the other award) knows that their blog is just so awesome, along with themselves of course. I also nominate Sarah. Come on you have to do another post one day. Sarah I invite you to join the mysterious Sisterhood of world bloggers, because there are not enough posts on your blog to make it amazing, although if you want to do that award you could because you are amazing, but you might have to drop off the part about having an amazing blog. Rosie I also nominate you to join the sisterhood, although I don't believe I am really far enough initiated into it to be inviting others in, but since it does not really exist I suppose that does not mater. Then again maybe it does exist.....

As I said before if you would like to answer some questions then please YOU HAVE BEEN NOMINATED, and if not then at least look at the pictures in this post. Quite possibly you may not even read this far down, if you do let me know. Of course if you like to answer questions or just one of them then you can do that in the comments below too.

Here are the questions:

1.What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?
2.Would you rather visit any fantasy realm you wish and die on a desert island, in a battle or stuck up a tree; or would you prefer to live a long long life here on earth?
3.If you had to be locked in a small room for one day with one other blogger who would that be? (the room is completely bare except for one light in the roof )
4.What is the biggest number of words you have written in one day.
5.Do you write stories? If so what is the hardest thing about writing them?
6.What is your opinion on popping candy?
7.How many blogger awards are there in the world?
8.How many awards (to do with bogs) have you been awarded, and how many have you not done of those awarded?
9.What is the coolest bruise you have ever got? and which colour bruise do you prefer?
10.What languages do you know, pretend to know, have attempted to know, wish you knew?

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  1. Haha! Ok, I'll see what I can come up with! ;D