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Just because Horses are Horses

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We went for a walk to see some horses in a nearby paddock. Naturally my camera came too. On they way we found what appeared to be a pile of turkey feathers..... I took one with me and shoved it into the horse's manes and tried to get photos of them with the feather in their hair.

And of course I took photos of the horses eyes... My sisters seemed a bit bothered with how many photos I took, and how much I like horses eyes, but well, I do just because horses are horses.

My lovely sisters and the two horses, (should I be calling the brown one a pony?)... and below, an itchy horse.

Soon enough we had to say fare you well to the horses, for the wind chilled us and one of my sisters had tea/dinner to cook.

Which is your favourite photo?
Do you have horses, or some near you that you like to pat?

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  1. Was that Maddie and Bumper up there?? XD

    1. I had not even thought of that, but Jane tells me that Bumper is black and white.. It was the white horse that was a bumper. He would sneak up behind me (so far as a horse can sneak) while I was photographing the other horse and slam his head into my back! which sent me stumbling forwards a few times and once into the fence :D

  2. Hello Clare! Thank you for commenting and leaving your url on my blog so I could visit yours. I love this post, and can't wait to read more from you (will definitely be following).
    My favorite photo is the one of the horses eye- so gorgeous!

    x Jordan Sky x

  3. Beautiful pictures! My favorites are #1, 6, 7 (the horses' eye, very pretty), and the last one is so very pretty as well. I love gray horses. We have seven horses. :)
    Glad to have found your blog!

    1. Oh lucky you to have horses, I have not ridden a horse for so long (2 years maybe), but at least there are often some in paddocks near us so I can take photos of them, which is still very fun.... such beautiful animals.