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Willow: A book character from the Out Of Time Series

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I found a surprise in my mailbox the other day. Something arrived in the mailbox all the way from America! I was really not expecting it. I knew the author Nadine Brandes was sending out some tiny bookmarks to a few random fans and friends of hers who are also part of her street team, I never expected to get one.  But I did.

The funny thing was that my sister and I had raced to the mailbox because we were expecting a book (The Ghostfaces by John Flanagan). I was already outside when the mail lady put the mail in there, so I got there first and grabbed the book, then I reached in to grab all the rest of the letters and I saw among the other boring letters the words Nadine Brandes above the return address. My sister grabbed the book out of my other hand (it was her book anyway) so we were both happy, me stroking a letter and tearing it open and her opening the parcel and smelling the book and flicking through it. 

Do you think smelling books is weird? I don't I do it all the time, especially with those few books that just smell so wonderful, If you don't I think you should at least try it a few times, just for me at least.

The character is Willow an albino from a village on the other side of the wall, if you want to know more about the one in the book you will just have to read them.

But my little Willow and I had some adventures in the Australian countryside. 

She wanted to check out Australia because after the long cramped journey she wanted to see some sights. Who would not want to? So she climbed some gum trees, and rosemary bushes and fences among other things...

Then we watched the sun set. 

Do you like things that are from books?
How about bookmarks, or people from books?

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  1. That is so cool! Having books signed by the author is one thing, but an actual note and all the way from America too! EEK, that is just EPIC.
    'Tis a great honour to be the sister of such a preveliged person. xD

    1. Well I'm glad you think having me as a sister is a privilege, or an honour or something like that. Normally it seems like us Australians get a bit forgotten by Americans but not Nadine Brandes, she is just lovely to everyone. Seriously all you peoples out there, go read her books.

  2. You know, I think you might be slightly attached to that bookmark. Maybe.

    1. You know, you might be slightly right there, maybe.

      And you did not even hear me going crazy over the hand written note that was in the envelope as well.... HAND WRITTEN BY THE AUTHOR HERSELF just for me. Yes she is a real human, I know.

  3. She's cute! Nice photos too. :) And I can imagine it must've been so exciting to get the bookmark, and handwritten note in the mail! It wouldn't have definitely made the author more real.. Have you ever written fan (or just appreciation) mail to authors and gotten a response? It's something I keep thinking I ought to do. It doesn't help that some of my favourite authors are from yesteryear though.

    1. It was so exciting, I have never written physical letters to writers, but I have sent a few emails to some writers and talked with two via facebook, but I think I may do that, because physical things/writing is just so nice to receive. I would totally agree on how many of my favourite writers are no longer alive, but hey I'll get to see some of them in heaven!