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The Fellowship of the Keyboards

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Last April I did Camp NaNo for the first time, my sister Jane joined me in a cabin and we both reached and exceeded our word count goals. Camp NaNo is fun because you can set an achievable word count and watch your stats go up each day as you write more (and add you word count in). I was always scared of NaNoWriMo (Still am) But Camp NaNo is a good amount of scary, while still being possible because you don't have to write 50,000 words in a month. That is not something I can even imagine myself doing, and I have a good imagination.

The point of this post though it that there is going to be another Camp NaNo next month. It starts the first of July. This time we have created our own cabin, lovingly dubbed The Fellowship of the Keyboards and we need more cabin members. There are limited spaces (like 12 in all, if I remember correctly) but if you would like to join our cabin head over to my sisters blog and leave a comment on her post about this telling us your Camp NaNo username, first in best dressed. 

So far there are four crazy people already in there hiding behind cover names and profile pics of our characters. 

If you have never done it before and are somewhat of a writer, have a go! Set yourself a small goal of a few thousand words, and even if we do run out of space you can hopefully find some other cool cabin to join, or make your own like we did!

Have you ever done Camp NaNo?
Are you one of those amazing people who have actually done the full NaNoWriMo?

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  1. Ooh, I love your cabin name!! I haven't done Camp NaNo officially before. And I was kind of thinking of doing it this time, but now I'm not sure because I might write a book before the end of June. BECAUSE I'M IMPATIENT. XD It's so hard deciding though! Agh. Also I think it's intensely awesome that you and your sister are both writers. :') My sister used to be a writer/reader but she ditched it all and it's saaaad. It's really awesome having a writing buddy in your own house. XD

    1. Ah thanks. You can write so amazingly fast! I'd maybe get a short story or novella finished in that time but the actual first draft of a book takes me....probably over a year....

      It is rather cool having two writers in the family. Very good for bouncing ideas off and being the first person to read stories... And we both like reading the same things so we can fangirl together of course.