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Austockphoto Launch

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Austockphoto is live! After all the uploading of photos, keywording, editing, cross checking, searching for problems, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, it is finally launched and out in the world. 

I have mentioned Austockphoto a few times on my blog before but in case you have not been listening, I am a photographer for it, and also an editor/cross checker and website tester, (I got to have fun finding problems with the test site and trying to break things, just before more waiting and finally the launch). As I said we do have lift off and I am excited, actually everyone involved is. Now all the photos; which are all taken in Australia by Australian photographers, are up for sale. I know I said it before but the site is live for everyone, and is looking beautiful! So you should go look at it even if you don't need to buy photos for whatever reason. Of course if you know someone who does, well spread the word! 

And check out my 1000+ images I have on there. Oh and on that note you can also probably blame Austockphoto for the slackness of my blog posts too. I have been busy, and now I hope a lot of that will be paid off!

What do you think of the site?
Did you have a look at it... well you should, seriously, and see all those photos of mine that I never got around to posting about.

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  1. *goes off and madly shares links everywhere*

    1. Yes indeed it is rather like that!