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Winter Morning Walk

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I went photo hunting, exploring and on a walk down memory lane yesterday. I wore a woolly jumper and trousers but despite the nippy breeze which at the start almost made me wish I have worn one of my scarves and a jacket the warm sun soon made it a most beautiful winter morning.

I walked into a nearby paddock and on, going where I had never gone before. Mostly because I trespassed across the corner a paddock belonging to someone else. The main paddocks I walked through are land that is not really owned by anyone in particular (I think it is Crown Land owned and managed by State Government.) and so anyone can walk on it. But I found a place where a huge gum tree had fallen over the fence and squashed it. Obviously no one wanted to move it so they just built the fence again around it. It made a perfect stile to cross the fence with. So I did. Then I adventured across that paddock and two huge mobs of Kangaroos bounded away before me. 

Then I came to another fence, It had much tighter wires and all the strands were of barbed wire, but in one place a creek must sometimes flow so I ducked under there and entered another world. From a vast open almost treeless paddock the land changed to a forest of whispering casuarina trees. The morning sunlight shone of the needles and the wind blew through the trees setting them swaying all around me and making the calming whispering sound that the trees do in a breeze. 

I followed A little creek into the trees for some distance, lichen covered rocks poked out from under scattered pine needles.  All around grass grew greener until I could no longer tell where the creek really went. In fact, everywhere began to look the same, green springy grass among the lichen covered trees, only one large tree behind me marked my path. So I turned back. 

I walked along at the edge of the whispering wood. Until I came back to the first paddock, it is large so stretched the length of the other easily. I also found a small spiky native wattle bush. 

I had met a heard of black cows with calves on my way there and got quite close to many of them. On the way back I came across a different heard of colourful cows with sharp horns, they bolted when I came near, thankfully away from me.

 Before I made my way home, I went searching for a house that a friend and I and one of my sisters built many years ago. It is still standing, and as you can see quite impressive! We built a lot of cubby houses over the years but that was our last and greatest achievement, all the others eventually fell apart or were knocked down. 

 We called the house "The Two Chairs" because we had found a set of chairs dumped in a valley the paddock and managed to dig out two that were not in such bad condition and carry them into the house. They are still there, kinda, just tipped over outside and far more rusted and worn than last time. But it was quite nice to see that our 'house' is still standing. It was hard work of many days to drag all the logs there and prop them up.

We had  a name for this interesting tree too, but I no longer remember it. We used to walk in the paddocks quite regularly, but now no longer do anywhere near as much. It brought back so many memories of fun times with friends and all the crazy things we did together.

Can you see the kangaroos? 
Did you ever build cubbies outside?

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  1. I declare, Clare, your photography is AMAZING!! Pretty sure it improves with every new photo I see, lol. :) Can I have you to shoot my wedding when I eventually get married in the distant future? Haha :P Wanna come to NZ???? ;)

    Seriously though, those photos are simply beautiful. And the kangaroos are so cool! How big are they? It must be awesome to have kangaroos running round in the wild!

    Your cubby house is neat. I remember building the odd house with my siblings. But we didn't have such a beautiful place to do it in!

    Probably my favourite post of yours so far... those photos... aaaaah

    1. Thankyou Bonnie, I'd love to photography your wedding :D Who are you getting married to? *Insert giggles* Hmm come to NZ well, I can't say I have ever thought about that much as I am not one for travel. The thing that does induce me to go places is the thought of new things to photograph. There would be a lot of other cool things like mountains to photograph in NZ too I guess.

      The kangaroos I got the photos of are probably around a meter and a half, but some of the others that were in the huge mob of them would have been bigger, and some of them were joeys too so very cute and little. Often I forget how blessed I am to be able to see kangaroos whenever I go walking. Other people only see them at zoos, but for me they are just normal, but it is still pretty cool when I see as many as I did the other morning. Or when I can get close enough to get a decent photo.

      I have been taking photos for years, so I have lots of experience, I guess. I should do more of these life posts, or any for that matter. I have been quite slack this year. I guess I have a lot of other things to do and watermarking photos and writing blog posts does take a while. But getting comments on them and knowing other people can enjoy them always puts a big smile on my face.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. :) There's something magical about winter mornings, isn't there? It was fun to read about your childhood adventures too. :)

    Yes, I used to build cubby houses just like that with my siblings. I think one may be partially still standing... Our area looks pretty similar to yours too actually, looking at your photos.

    1. Oh yes there is, I'm glad you liked reading about them, it was so nice for me to be able to just walk and remember and enjoy.

      That is so cool that you built similar houses, most of the rest of ours are slumped piles of sticks that don't look like anything now or completely gone without a trace.

  3. These are gorgeous photos! You can't beat a long walk to clear the mind sometimes, I always take my camera in case I come across a good photo opportunity. My favourite would have to be the photograph of the cobweb, the way the light hits is beautiful. Loved reading. :)

    Lauren ♥ | Sincerely, Lauren Emily

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lauren, it was so nice to be refreshed by such a beautiful walk. I should do it more often. Cobwebs can be so beautiful of themselves especially in the early morning when the sun hits them just right.

  4. These were absolutely beautiful pictures, Clare! I enjoyed looking through them, you're a great photographer *nods*.

  5. Your photography is such goals!

  6. Thanks, I do love doing it.