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Our Daily Bread the Bread of Life

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 I have not done one of these post in a long time. I wrote this as an article for the Shining Stars Magazine that I often either write for or submit photos too. My sisters have ended up on the front cover of the magazine before, not something they thought would ever happen! And as I am away now (providing this published when it was meant to) and for the rest of this month, I thought I could schedule this to post then, because there is no chance of me posting anything else.

Our family bakes a loaf of bread almost every day (in the bread maker). Occasionally if there is some event coming up or we are having people over we will bake two or three more. Among our church friends and family The Farrelly’s Bread is quite famous, and everyone goes back for more. We eat some of our bread every day; we dribble honey or jam over a nice soft slice with chewy crusts or wrap sausages or steaks in it, toast it and eat it with vegemite and butter, or as a toasted squash sandwich, or whatever we feel like that day. I think that the bible, the word of God, is just like The Farrelly’s Bread. We eat our bread every day, it sustains us. So also we should ‘eat’ the word of God every day. Our bread we eat each day gives us energy to continue on. So also does the word of God.

We really enjoy eating our bread too and eating it in all different ways. Likewise the word of God is something we need to take into ourselves each day. We need to ‘eat’ it to sustain our spiritual life. As it says in Jeremiah 15:16, “Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart, for I am called by your name, O LORD, God of hosts.”

I would get very hungry if I could only eat bread on Sundays and bible study nights, even if I ate something else instead I would really miss eating a slice of our home baked bread each day. And it may not be a good for me either. So while reading other books is nice I think we should all take a bite of spiritual bread each day. Just as I eat bread each day, I also need to ‘eat’ the word of God. Daily bible reading will help sustain our spiritual life and will strengthen our spirits. 

Often we don’t just eat bread once a day but a few times a day. Often we eat it for morning or afternoon tea, like reading bits of scriptures through the day, listening to bible based preachers talking and teaching on bible passages. Sometimes we will even have bread for tea as well, maybe dipped in soup or with some warm vegetable and meat stew on top. So also we can be ‘eating’ God’s word many times a day. Just like we need to eat food during the day we need to read the word because like bread it is a staple food for living a happy healthy life.

When and how each member of our family eats bread each day looks different and some do more so than others. I does not look the same for everyone in our family and it does not have to, but we all eat the bread. We all feed on the word of God and delight in it, sometimes alone, other times together, because we all belong to God. Often we don’t remember what we ate three days ago, neither do we remember what we read, but what we read in the word helped get us to today, and sustained and strengthened us so that we are where we are now.

Because as it says in Matthew 4:4, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

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  1. oh this looks entirely delicious.😍 My family used to make bread everyday!! We had several breadmakers (marker of a big homeschool family?!? haha) and our favourite thing was sultana bread on Sunday nights. My mouth is watering just thinking about it ahh!! Ahem. 😂 We don't eat it anymore though because it really doesn't agree with us #sadface BUT THESE PICTURES ARE GORGEOUS!

    1. It does seem that big homeschool families often make their own bread, but of course if people eat it you have to make a lot and make it often so it is easier, and cheaper, than buying it. Oh it is so sad though that you can't eat it anymore, we also used to make fruit loaf on Sundays too but we don't do that anymore I'm not even sure why! It was soo tasty.

  2. "Just like we need to eat food during the day we need to read the word because like bread it is a staple food for living a happy healthy life." - How true is that! I definitely notice a difference between days I have my morning devotions and days I don't. It's like drinking a glass of refreshing, cool water to start off the day! Great thoughts and encouragement <3 - Rachel

    1. Thanks, yes it is rather like that, the day just is not the same without having morning devotions.