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Photos from the Show

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Every year the month of September comes around and it gets busy, I take entry forms and entries to the showground every week, sometimes multiple times a week. As we also help out with the photography and art section you can add in a few extra days of being at the showground, and then at the end of the month of course is the show. So here are a few random photos I took then, if you want to see more check out my photography page on Facebook. But if you just want a quick glance of our show, as far as me and photos are concerned here it is.

One pavilion is full of chooks of all kinds, and sometimes a few other sorts of poultry too.

The night of day one ended with people visiting the sideshow alley and then watching mad people riding bulls. 

All through the day there are events, like showjumping, dog trials, and lots of other horse and cattle events.

And I never can get over how beautiful the heavy horses are.

The Town Band which my sister is part of also performed.

As did some mad motorcycle stunt riders, no one died, which is kinda surprising considering everything. Throughout the day there were different levels of wood chop competitions which were amazing to watch, some of those guys got through logs so fast!

I got a few prizes in the photography section but this boot is my great achievement of the show, it won the best decorated boot. Most other people went with a theme of 'pretty' I want with 'historical', hence the barbed wire, rocks, blood (glue with red food colouring) and on the other side of the boot clay like mud with shrapnel in it.

The little kids all enjoyed the animals you can go and pat. This one is my littlest sister, and brother with the bunnies.

There were many cooking entries and amazing cakes and jam things in jars... I am not sure what most of these are.

One the last night the show finishes with a spectacular firework display. Most people leave then, or shortly after. There are more horse events the next day but for most people the show is done. Except for all the volunteers. 

I helped and directed a bunch of other people take down and sort out all the photography entries, and by the time that was all done and we had got the prize money in with the correct photos it was eleven at night. I left then but some people were still there. A lot of hard work goes into our show! But it does show. 

Does you town have a local show that you attend?
Do you have a favourite photo?

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  1. Aaaah I love A and P shows! Your little sister and brother are so cute. There are a couple of A and P shows near us, the main one for our city is massive. It goes for a week! The other one is just a one-day smaller affair.

    1. I don't think I have ever been to any other shows though I have been to 'festivals and fairs' not sure how similar they are. Gosh a week is a long time, but I guess if there is a lot to see and do, it could go that long.

  2. WHOA you took such awesome pictures, Clare! I loved looking through all of them (and reading this post!) - great job!

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thanks, I have had a lot of practice, I'm glad you could enjoy the post and some of our show through the photos.