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Blackout Poetry Art

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It has been requested of me to share some more of my blackout art. So here it is, these got  a lot more arty than the first one I did. The umbrella design is one I found another place and copied the idea but what the picture says is of course of my own creation. 

Yes I have a bible that I rescued at the book fair from going to the tip and yes I do use it for craft, and yes I do feel terrible every time I cut a piece out of it and yes it was even worse cutting a page out it it, but also very effective!

I really like how you can add so much by taking away. It is so fun to change what the paper says into something completely different. 

These other pictures that contain people were first sketched from a photos of people I found online but I generally looked at a page and then knew just what picture I needed to find and put on it. 

 The wind idea also came off another persons blackout poetry art piece. I liked it, so I flicked through the pages of the falling apart poetry book I have used for some of these pieces until I found a page with the word 'wind' on it. It turned into this. 

This one was fun. My parents thought I might die from the smell of the permanent markers. It was quite different removing everything else and making the white/blank parts what was there. I also did not intend to make the lady quite so thin, but I forgot that the outline was more like an inline since not the outside of the line but the inside would become the outside. (Sorry if that confused you)

This last one is my favourite though. I saw the words "THE ELDERLY GENTLEMAN" and some of the other words on the page that I have brought out in the image, and I knew instantly what I wanted it too look like. The problem was I couldn't find a photo of an old man with a stick in the position I imagined. Eventually I found one that I could flip and then sketch from. Resulting in this. 

 Do you sketch?
Do you like playing with words?
Have you ever tried any blackout poetry?

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  1. I love the colours in the wind one and yes yes the old man is great! Super good job. *applauds*

    1. Thankyou, at least with the coloured one I wasn't as likely to die from the smell, though really it didn't bother me much because I got used to it after breathing it in for a few minuets.

  2. Whoa, I am in awe. They are so good, Clare! And they're all so unique and different to each other too. Thanks for sharing, and keep it up!

    1. Thankyou, I was spending most of my free time for a few days drawing these and others. I had to force myself to pack the stuff away so I could actually get something else done. But it is so fun, you can make them into anything.

  3. I'm going to HAVE to try these. Such a coooool idea!

    1. Yes Bonnie you are. Finding the book you can bare to cut up is the problem. But once you have cut out a page it gets easier because a book with a missing page isn't really good as a book anymore.