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Wisteria Writer's Tag

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0.5. Wonder why in the wold it is called the 'Wisteria Writer's Tag' 
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the ten questions asked.
3. Add ten (writing or book related) questions of your own.
4. Nominate people.

So a wisteria is a climbing shrub of the pea family, with hanging clusters of fragrant flowers, typically pale bluish-lilac in colour. Native to eastern Asia and North America. Ornamental varieties are widely grown on walls and pergolas. And it is a plant that has nothing to do with writing unless you count the fact that is smells heavenly and therefore the scent is quite inspiring. It's a pity I can't smell any now.

And to avoid any confusion I must confess that I don't have any photos of wisteria (well actually I may, but I don't remember when I took them and I take have over 1,000 images that I keep each month -don't ask how many I take- and funnily enough I can't find the photos), but I did have that shot of a beautiful smelling purple flowering native plant on hand, so it had to do. Now that the wondering is over I will thank Jane my lovely sister over at Maiden of the Misty Mountains who tagged me. Thanks, Jane.

Now to proceed to the questions she asked.


1) What inspired the idea for your current WIP (work in progress), and how long have you had the idea? The Rooglewood Press writing competition.

2) What are you most looking forward to about this WIP? It being finished... well being finished means it is way better than it is now so that would be great. It needs to get a lot better.

3) Have you ever dreamed about your characters? No, I do dream a lot but not usually about my own characters, although I have used things from dreams to inspire parts of stories.

4) How do you go about naming your characters? I take ages, or else I write out a name and it is there. But every name must fit the character and have a meaning that goes with them, meanings are so important for me. My characters names are often short and unusual, I also tend to make a lot up by combining parts of two other names. 

5) Do you plan out your theme? Vaguely. For my current WIP it was easy because they asked that you would use some of or similar themes to the original Snow White story, that is also often what I do with my retellings. My other stories kind of find their theme as they go along.

6) Do you discover the MBTI thing of your characters? (if so, what are the types of your WIP protagonists?) Yes, for my longer works anyway. I never did them with this story but I do know what a few of my main characters are in my other story that I have put aside while working on the Snow White retelling.

This is what Irene my MC gets.

7) Have you a favourite genre to write in? (or do you like switching it up randomly) Fantasy, but I dabble in other genre too, mostly fantasy though, logical magic and world building make a good story for me.

8) What is a big inspiration for you in writing? (a person, book, quote, scenery, ect.) Umm, life. I always have ideas. Someone will just say some word or sentence and I will be whisked off to some shadowy world that I then try and light up. Characters jump out and worlds unfold and I have to pack them all away before anyone notices. And I have to ignore most of them because I can only write one story at a time.

9) Are you competitive in your word counts, or more chill and relaxed? Depends. If there is no chance of me winning then no, I will simply not care. But if I decide I want to win them yes. I do like beating myself though and beating goals and things like that.

10) Do you like sharing small snippets of your work? (*hint hint* :P) No. I will share all or nothing. If you want to beta read something then sure but snippets are my preciousssssss.

As it turns out I was also tagged by Jasmine from Where My Wild Heart Grows, so thanks to her I have more questions to answer..... so here goes.

Le Questions come again:

1) What was the closest time ever your character came to perishing? Well my antagonists goal is simply to kill the MC so quite a few times, and then there was the time she did die..... but spoilers.

2) Was your character close to his/her parents or were they very distant? She does not remember anything about her parents as she was only 2 when they both died.

3) When was the last time your character felt scared? Like they couldn't do anything- helpless! Hmm, when she was poisoned and almost died.

4) What would your character do if they lost the ones they loved/cared for? Not know what to do. Mourn, be tempted to kill someone but probably not go through with it.

5) What are your stories stakes at this moment? The MCs life and then her friends lives then her families lives.

6)  Your Character's friends are all jumping off a dragon. Would your character do it too? There are no Dragons in Elsewhere so this question is an impossibility.

7) The villain has won. What become's of your character(s)? They are dead.

8) What does your character want? Instead, what does he/she actually NEED? She wants to be left alone, but needs to fulfill the bad guys quest, and other things that I also can not mention.  

9) Say your character has a pet, what would it be? Wow, a pet, chooks maybe, I honestly never thought of Niamah with pets. In 'Relinquished' Irene has a pet camel and also kinda has pet goats.  

10) You character needs something done imminently, but they are trapped in a cave. Wait, there is someone on the other side who can help your character! What would your character say to them? I have no idea, I am wondering how they can even speak with someone outside the cave, if they could I think they would ask the person on the outside to help them get out.

There we go, all done. Was I meant to do anything else? Probably. Oh yes, think of more questions and tag people. Well if you are reading this and wish to answer the same questions I did (in a post or in the comments), please do, if not well I don't see how any questions I think up would be much better. I would rather be off editing my story. So consider this post done, or don't but I do, and you can't change that fact. 

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  1. Hello, Clare!
    I am in your cabin at Camp Nano, as you probably know. :-)
    I really enjoyed reading about how you write and your WIP!!!

    1. Indeed I recognize you :) I'm glad you like the sound of my story!