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Beautiful Sounds

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Last week our town was visited by the very talented Sydney Youth Orchestra. They played in the chapel of the convent. Our family went to both daytime performances, but in two halves. My mum and brothers went to the first one. I then took my sisters to the next.

The orchestra played parts from a lot of songs and the conductor explained things about the different instruments. It was rather cool, well the music and all that, the temperature certainly was not! I almost melted, as the chapel was full of people, completely still, but for the music and the sun beat down outside. Still the orchestra sounded really good.

Stringed instruments are my favourite. Though I don't play any at all. The wind, brass, and percussion are all hiding up the back. 

The chapel and the gardens of the convent that we walked through are so pretty and I now want to take photos there, but I almost did that once before and found out that there is normally a massive fee which would double the cost of a photo shoot so sadly that is probably not possible. Still it was nice to be able to look around and hear the beautiful music of the orchestra. 

To the side and back a girl played the harp, but sadly I could not really hear it and the conductor didn't say anything about it.... I have always liked the idea of playing a harp like people in the bible do, but I probably would not have the patience. 

Do you play an instrument?
Do you play with any group of people?

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  1. Concerts are amazing, aren't they? I'm lucky because my sister and dad belong to a choir which often performs and sometimes I go to listen.
    Yes I do play an instrument! I've been learning the piano for quite a few years now. I alsl belong to our parish choir. So I get to sing in Mass once a month. Do you play any instruments or belong to a choir?
    Lovely photos! I love how everything looks so peaceful. Your composition is beautiful. It always amazes me how you all seem to know just how to set up your shots so they look pdrfect!

    1. Oh yes, concerts are great. I belong to 2 of our 4 church music teams, so I sing out the front of church at least twice a month. I don't play an instrument, though once I did learn some piano, but I can hardly play that anymore. And thanks, really I just took shots for this one at all the different angles I could get without getting in the way to much. I was lucky to have a front row seat!

  2. That concert looked like a lot of fun! I've played the piano since I was seven and I hoping to start learning the guitar soon!

    1. Thanks for the comment! My sister has just started to learn the guitar and she can play piano but is just magnificent with her flute. She got the talent with instruments though, I just sing, but I love doing that and listening to others play.

  3. I love orchestra concerts! I used to play violin and someday hope to get back to it. For many years my biggest dream was to become good at violin and then join an orchestra.
    I also play a little piano but since I do it by chords or ear it's pretty difficult to play with others.
    Harps are beautiful instruments! If I every had the chance to learn how to play one I would jump on it! (I don't think there are any instruments I wouldn't want to learn if given the chance)
    Do you play anything Clare?

    1. Cool, I like violins, but I don't actually play any instruments at all, I just sing, which I really enjoy doing.