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Because Books... do I need an explanation

By 17:53:00

Normally all photos on posts are mine, but these are all exceptions, just for a little book fun, they are all on my "For The Love of Books" Pinterest board with a heap of others, and hence are sourced from there. Enjoy!

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  1. LOL all so true!

  2. AHH I LOVE THESE. the Jack Sparrow one is entirely me though. xD Except my family have given up asking what I'm reading because it changes every few hours. heheh.

    1. Well, I thought I read books fast, until I met you. I do read fairly fast, but I have other things than reading to do still if I find a book I can't put down, I eat it... well not literally.

  3. This was fun Clare! And I hate to admit it but I am that "In the book..." person while watching movies. One of my friends constantly has to tell me, "I know Lydia! But this is a movie. They can't make it match up perfectly!" Cleaning my bookshelf...that too is embarrassingly accurate. -_-