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His Magnificent Creation

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Our family went to The Master plan Conference, a Homeschool camp a while ago. Most families had a cabin each, somewhere on top of the hill, the place is aptly named Ridgecrest. The view towards the nearby lake is magnificent. And only one of the many great things about the weekend.

Other than the view, there were heaps of families to get to know. There were kids of all ages, though most were younger than me. But there were a lot of young people! And of course I got to meet a friend I met at the same camp three years beforehand and have been writing to ever since. That was really lovely. There were lots of times to talk, play and eat together between the sessions. Ans we had a church service on Sunday morning. The theme for the talks this year was family relationships.

The biggest hit for most of the young people at the camp would be the giant 'pillow' which is kind of like a cross between a giant pillow, trampoline and jumping castle. We also had a bush dancing and games night and other fun things. I escaped everyone a few times just to walk around and look at our God's magnificent creation. And I got up early some mornings to get some photos of the sunrise. Sadly the first morning when I still had enough energy to get up really early there was not much in the way of a spectacular sunrise. Still it was awe inspiring.

I also got to be official photographer and any one who know me will understand how much I like being official photographer. The camp is happening again next year and Lord willing we shall be going again. This is the amazing group or people from this year.

Speaking of sunrises here is a favourite quote of mine at the moment by Amy Carmichael:

We shall have all eternity to celebrate the victories won, 
but we have only the few hours before sunset in which to win them. 

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  1. The camp sounded like a lot of fun!

    1. It was, especially just spending time with like minded people.

  2. Beautiful sunrises! I moved a few months ago and one of my favorite parts about the new house is that I can now see the sun rise!
    Looks like you had fun! What is Bush Dancing?

    1. I think I gaped and my eye balls almost fell from my head..... how could someone not know what bush dancing is, but then of course I realized it is kinda Australian, so why should you. Bush Dancing is either the same as or similar to square dancing.

      "It is a style of dance from Australia, particularly where the music is provided by a bush band. (one of the instruments we danced too was a stick with beer bottle caps nailed all over it a Lagerphone) The dances are mainly based on the traditional folk dances of the UK, Ireland and central Europe."

      There are heaps of different dances.... and sometimes is not all that graceful, you need a large group of people, sometimes you have one or two partners or you have everyone as a partner one at a time, or the whole group just does the madness together.

      This is one of the dances we did (just a random you tube video)

    2. Yes Clare, I'm an ignorant American. Thanks for the explanation! It sounds to me rather like our historical Indian War Dances. Do you scream while performing it too?! :D JK That was all in jest. I'm sure it's nothing like Native American dancing.
      I haven't had a chance yet to watch that video but I will soon!

    3. He he he Nah we don't scream as such, but there is a bit of shouting in a few of the dances. Like shouting "Hoy" at a certain place in one song or when doing the Hokey Pokey screaming the "OOOOOhhh" song lines as everyone madly rushes in..... I was taking photos during that one it got really mad.