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Walking into the shop at a winery to look around.. “Would you like to try anything”…. Meaning the wine… “ah no thanks”…. How old do we look?... “Are you sure?”…. “yes we are fine… quite fine, I’m doing a photo shoot here later…” 

Getting an email from Open2Study asking if they can interview me about my experience in the course I did through them and about awards that I won with photos I took during the course….. other than the fact that it inspired me to take cool photos, I really already knew too much for it, though if you were new to photography it would be great….

Well it was great/amazing to get junior champion photographic exhibit at the show… but to have people walking round writing my name on sheets of paper for a competition thing was to much…. (my name was the answer to one of the question on it…. the first question…. Because I got the junior champion photographic exhibit)

Someone sees photos of Ann and asks if she is my niece…. No she is my little sister… yes I said this in the last awkward post, but it happened again with the same photos… which just makes it even funnier!

Digging up ‘games’ that I made ages ago…. Oh the were so terrible.. and then Jane says she wants to play one of them again….

Nearly everyone I know coming up to me and congratulating me on how well I did at the show…… and what do I say back to them…. Oh I like the congratulations and am so happy with how well I did but… awkward..

Me trying to squeeze under a locked gate…. And succeeding…. Then when I want to get back in realizing that at least last time I was going downhill while squeezing through….. and now I have to get back in … and I’m probably too far away to hear the tea time siren…. Which could have gone a while ago….. (Which in fact it had) 

But the photos I got were worth it!

Some random person coming up to me and says “You are Sally’s daughter!” Um yes…. “You look so much like her”… well I must, for someone, who I can’t place, to know without I doubt that I am…

When Alice comes up and says “we need to print that out for your twenty first”…

After vigorously rubbing, attempting to de-lint a blanket (and failing) I fold it up, as I do that I hold the blanket above my head and get a really weird sensation. I finally realize it is my eyebrows and shirt and some of my hair sticking straight out towards the blanket… Static Electricity!  

Calling another kid my brother’s name because I though he was…

When someone asks to hug me… "ok"… they hug me and then they finally tell me why the random hug.

Me being silly enough to get myself dehydrated and then have ahead ache for the rest of the day…. which is really not funny at all.... for me.

Standing on a jetty randomly spinning around while Alice took photos of me…. Well I had just got Alice to do that too. 

This is a photo I took of Alice... not one of the ones she took of me... for more reasons than one.

Randomly attempting to jump in the air, on a jetty, at the same time as two other people, while a fourth tries to take photos of us.

Watching people fall off and not fall off while tubing... or should I say while they were tubing and I sat in the boat taking photos.

You may be surprised to know that all of the photos of tubing on this post ended up with the person riding the tube managing to get it up again! I do have photos of what happened next to prove it... otherwise I might not have believed it myself!.. but I haven't put them on here.

Trying to take photos while sliding from side to side along the seat in the back of the boat and having to twist around to do it..... and ending up with sore legs, ankles, knees and muscles from trying to brace myself.... so I didn't slide..

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  1. The only thing more awkward than someone asking if my sister is my niece, is having them ask if my sister is my daughter... or having them just assume that she is... or if I have the two little girls with me, having them assume that they are both my daughters... Hmmm... some people have very little imagination. ;)

    1. Yep.... I'm just waiting for someone to say that.... we large families are just so unusual...

  2. Okay, so that photo of Alice is pretty cool, I have to say. :P