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I Want to Wake in a Book

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"Mother I want to wake up in the morning and find a lacy gown all laid out for me on a chair beside my bed."

"But darling you have no lacy gowns. I thought you hated them."

"Oh I know, I do, but it would be worth that. I would wake up and maids would help me into the gown then I'd put on some soft leather boots and glide down the stone corridors with little stilted windows from which light spilled, guiding me down the steps. Breakfast would be ready in a great hall and I'd sit with the lord and lady and other nobles. 

I would walking a a beautiful garden, bursting with so many types of flowers I couldn't possibly count them. Even the grass would have little buds in it. I would go riding. My pony would wait for me in the stables and id get on him and I'd go hunting with my brothers."

"But you have no brothers?"

"Oh but I would. And from my tower, the one I sleep in, I could watch the sun setting over a clear lake the mist would steal slowly in and cover all I could see by day. I'd then sleep while a fire crackled in the hearth to warm me, as well as the patchwork quilt on my bed.

For a few weeks I'd be happy being a lady then I would have enough and borrow my brothers horse and go riding off on an adventure. Maybe I could convince a dragon to capture me and hold me at ransom, or pirates, or fairies. The a hansom prince, I'd be happy with even a gallant knight, would come and try rescue me. Being already friends with the dragon I would help the knight up onto his back and together we could take the dragon for a spin."

"But all that only happens in stories where the people are nothing more than words on a page."

"But Mother the stories must happen, they are real for me. Anyway I will then chose if I want it to be a happy ending or a tragedy. I could ask the dragon to spin a bit to much and make the knight tumble to his death on sharp rocks or I suppose we could land back near the knight's horse and ride of together into the sunset. I think a happily ever after is nicer for me."

"In life it is not like that though."

"No it is, I have read a lot of books."

"Well books are often not a good representation of the true world, they are just someones imagination."

"Well that is what I want anyway, besides if that happens I won't ever need to decide what to wear in the morning again."

The mother smiled and dropped  a light kiss on her daughters forehead, and smiled. "Sleep well, dearest, but would you really want a Lord and Lady as a mother and father?"

"No, not really." The little girl whispered as her eyes closed.

The mother walked out of the room, leaving a set of clothes for her daughter to wear the next day on the dresser beside her bed.

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