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Boat to Avalon

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This picture is not mine, I found it on Pinterest. It inspired this poem.
(which is the reason it is sitting here on this blog post)

Boat to Avalon

Otherwise titled: How I Said Nothing in Six Stanzas

Through the mists of Avalon
Dark through bluish trees
Silently through the water
Not a stirring, not a breeze

Oars move without a splash
Through the white mists to Avalon
Standing at the prow a lady
The boat goes through and on

The lady stands so still
Fire brands lighting the way
I couldn’t be sure she even stood there
If she did, she stood as one of the fay

A grey white curtain hangs, then
At once falls back and dissolve away
The craft glides up, the light returns
As does the dawning day

But of Avalon I cannot tell 
Though once I travelled there
My memories are shrouded
Clouded by mist and earthly air

I know it is a fair place
If it even does, or did exist
But it could be no more, than a dream
Shrouded by a white grey mist.

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