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The Local Show

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Warning, you are about to be flooded, covered, inundated, piled, pelted with photos of mostly horses and a few other things I saw at the show. I shall start the bombardment with a photo of photos... well mostly my photo. I got the CHAMPION JUNIOR PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBIT!..... again.....!!!! FYI I also got it last year.  

This year I entered in both the junior and the open section and won quite a lot in both. I won firsts in all but two of the junior categories and I won three of the open ones, getting a total of seven firsts! I also got three seconds, two thirds and six highly commendeds! I have never done so well before, and, as you can probably tell, I am pretty pleased about it. 

I read all the judge's comments and found something rather amusing and inconsistent about them.  On three of my placed photos (which are the ones with comments) and on other peoples' photos, they said we needed to crop the photo so the subject was more centered... I totally disagreed. Later I read the comment on a different photo of mine. This is their exact words; "Good composition-off center always works well"

If carts had legs.... well it would look strange

I watched the heavy horse cart thingy being judged.... after Arabians, some sort of heavy horse would be my favourite horse.

Some of our flowers won things, our cabbage got second and our oranges got first.

As I said before the heavy horses are so beautiful! Especially when all groomed and fitted out for the show!

I tried a few panning shots. The idea is to have the background as blurred as possible but most of the subject as clear as possible. I move the camera while having the shutter open... but to actually move it and keep the subject in the same place in the frame is not at all easy.... I took so many photos to get these. 

Shetland ponies are so cute.

I am Australian. I have always wanted a photo of our flag and finally got one, it was on the top of one of the pavilions at the show ground.

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  1. You are Australian!!! Cool! But don't you live in Great Britain? The sabino chestnut draft horses are Clydesdale's. I though you might like to know. :)

    1. Yep I'm Australian and I live in Australia, what made you think I lived in Great Britain? I have never actually been out of Australia! I thought the horses were Clydesdale's but I had to look up what you meant by sabino chestnut :D