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Awkwardness, Hilarious and Awsomeness

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Me trying to work out how easily it would be for a story character to get up off the floor with hands tied uncomfortably behind her back. As in not just behind it but twisted so they point up and her ankles tied together….. all tight and she is also bashed up….. Naturally the easiest way it to try it myself….. though not literally and I was rolling around on the floor from laughter not pain… and because my sisters walked in…. I decided that she couldn’t….

When I suddenly realize my hand is covered in greasy black and I have NO IDEA HOW it could have gotten on me. I still don’t know. 

When we have had a dead bird in the bin for three weeks in a row…… then a bird crashes into the window and kills itself… four weeks in a row….

When it takes people ages to realize that I am Clear Light Photography and that it is not just some random photography business I am promoting…..

Driving another family to a photo shoot….. in their car… and their accelerator is hard to find….. I am at this intersection and it is finally clear, but I have the problem that the car is not going forward, because even though I know just about where the accelerator is, it is not pressing down… Of course by the time I find it, there are cars again, so I have to wait.

Being a home-schooled person which obviously means my life has been ruined, so people must attempt to impart some knowledge into me and try and argue me into doing more courses so I can get a job….. at least a part time one…. While I am trying to explain that I already do…. I am a PHOTOGRAPHER, people actually pay me to take photos of them…. I don’t just go around doing photo shoots for free…….

Playing "The Last Goodbye" alternately; on one computer and then the other almost all day.... Because we went to see the Battle of Five Armies the day before!

Getting 250 business cards for FREE from Vista Print. I only had to pay postage and I couldn't really customize them (only add my info) but $7 compared to $40 is a big difference!

The fact that there is one slight but not particularly noticeable spelling mistake on the cards..... I think it was not me though, because I copy pasted everything on it so there would be no possibility of mistakes..... oh well....I can't help finding it funny though!

Making up parodies for “I see Fire” That have to do with burning food in the microwave…… and then burning with your food because “We should all burn together”

Playing “I see Fire” and singing it at the top of my lungs while cooking tea/dinner/last meal of the day.

And of course singing the rest of the songs that have words and have something to do with Tolkien... even if it is the movies of his stories..... which compared to his actual writing are SECOND RATE...... Which is a favourite saying of my sisters and I.... Like the second rate broom I was trying to sweep with today..... the broom part kept falling off the stick part, and that is just second rate!

And you should go check out my sisters blog. She has published the entire version of food burning in the microwave..... the part I was singing was the following;

Oh if my lunch will burn
Surely I’ll do the same
Confined in microwaves
It got too close to the flame
Calling out father oh hold fast and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn in the microwave
Desolation comes upon my soul

It was actually Alice's food not Jane's that was being microwaved at the time. The post is on jane's blog though and called I See Fire.

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