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Clear Light Photography

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 I have a new website for my photography; Clear Light Photography. It is because of that, that my blogging has been rather erratic. Now though, I have finished my website and it is up and running and looking very nice. 

I also have a blog on Clear Light Photography, it will be for photos though, people and possibly pet photographs. But the posts shall also have words, what I don't know but to make search engines find my website it needs words so I shall have to think of something to say about each post. Something that does not sound entirely unprofessional. I have done a post on there about "Brown paper packages tied  up with strings." We had a bit of fun shooting those photos in the golden evening light. 

I have some ideas for posts, including one about a mosquito.... possibly, and one about birds like I am meant to do each month, it is just that nothing particularly noticeable has happened in the bird world at Tanglewood... except that a bird killed itself on our window. 

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