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Bird Activity: January

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What of the birds this month? Well the month started with a bird crashing into the window and killing itself. Sadly the bird was a female Satin Bower bird. 

Just a few days ago though, I heard the rush of many wings above me and looked up. Birds darted through the sky, circling around and around, darting flashes of black and white. They were White Throated Needletails. From photos I took, I counted over sixty birds.

See all the black specks in the photo? There were a lot of  White Throated Needletails. I have only ever seen them here once before and again they were in a huge flock. They breed in North Asia when it is winter in Australia, so now it is summer here they are back. According to my bird book they are 20cm, I am not sure if that is their body or wing length. 

A part from the Needle Tails the only birds of note I have seen this month are Blue faced Honey-eaters. We were visited by a pair of Blue faced Honey-eaters around the middle of the month. They were trying to get a drink out of our fountain, while being dive bombed by the Noisy Miners. They hid in a rose bush, I could just make out their blue eye patches and green wings. Then the two birds flew out and away, being followed by a noisy flock of those horrid Miner birds.

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