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Of Sun, Water, Shade, Flowers and Fungi

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The sun sparkled over the trees, glinting off scattered water droplets left behind by the rain of the previous night. Tiny droplets scattered over the grass made it look as if a fairy had flung bucketfuls of magic-dust all over the world, or at least for as far as the eye could see.

I found three fungi growing at the edge of one of the gardens and ran back inside to get a towel to lay on the wet grass. I also got a spray bottle. I spent the next Idon'tknowhowlong lying next to the fungi and taking photos of it and spraying water down on it from above, which gives the wonderful effect of looking like rain. Except this rain does not squash the fungi or get my camera very wet.

I had also taken some photos the evening before, I had not sun then but the photos still turned out looking nice. I had a spray bottle then too.

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