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As Time Flies Away

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Here is another post of photos for those who wanted to see more photos of the pocket watch. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Sometimes time seems to fly away so fast we can hardly keep up. Strangely it often seems to me that days go slowly, yet a week speeds by, in well, less than a week, and a month only just a bit slower than that. Tine is an interesting thing.... yet not an eternal one.... one day even time will be destroyed..... I just can't imagine what it will be like without it. 

Time really will finally be broken....

In the two above photos I did a bit of editing... well actually each photo is two photos. The watch would not hang directly above the flowers so I took two photos, one with the flowers in focus and the other with the watch in focus, afterwards I added them together, the top of one photo and the bottom of the other, easy as that!

All our wattles are flowering at the moment and the golden balls of fluff just went perfectly with the last rays of the golden light, at the days end..... I suppose the time the clock says it is in the photos makes it rather obvious that it is broken....

Something I find really hard, is to know how to use a single hour, when I have done every thing I 'have' to do that day, and when there are still many things I could do. I wonder which thing is the best to be doing. Yet I feel it is a very important thing to use my time wisely, we never know how much God has give us. 

The very last rays of light hit the brown autumn leaves of an oak tree, making them glow orange... and making it a perfect backdrop for the time that was flying away as the sun sank below the trees and the hill behind them.

Do you have a favourite photo or do you just like them all?
Do you have trouble knowing what to do after you have done all the thing you 'need' to do?

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  1. My favourites are photos 13, 15 and 20. (I think I got the right numbers :D) The last one's also rather cool.

    1. Glad you like them, they do get a bit hard to count at times!