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Book Review: Emma

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I tend to review books that I like on my blog and keep silent about those that I don't. They all get some kind of review on Goodreads, but maybe I should just say that I definitely don't give glowing reviews to everything. If you are a die hard fan of Jane Austen, then I would suggest that you not read this review, as I gave this book 1 star on Goodreads, which is the lowest you can give.

I listened to this as an audio book, and as the narrator said 'The End' I exclaimed 'Yay' a bit louder than I intended to. If this had not been an audio book I don't know if I would have been able to finish it... or even get past the first four chapters.... The word that goes with it is.... slog. I had to force myself to listen to it. Sorry all you Jane Austen fans, but I am not about to join you ranks. I have never before wanted so much, to hit a character over her head with her own book. Poor Emma, (some of the characters did nothing but get on my nerves) to me the only perfection in the book was terribleness. (Ok it was not that bad). Some classics are ok, (not that I can think of any right now), so are some romances... but mixed together... Maybe one day I shall like one or the other of them, But it is not this day!  

I was... I hate the word but, I was utterly bored with the story. I did not care for it in the least. Also at times I also got very confused with who was speaking. I found it odd that the writer would think that the reader/listener would be at all interested in things Emma was not interested it. At times Emma (the MC) would be listening to another character going on and on and be getting bored herself, yet I also had to listen to the pointless warble of a busybody, for what seemed pages and pages.

I really could not help feeling that I was intruding on the lives of a group of nosy people, who were meddling far to much for their own good, and others good. And I found most of the romance just plain painful. But then I have never really enjoyed Romances or Classics.... and this one is both.... Still I suppose the characters were well written, and realistic, but they just seemed so distant and far off from myself that I almost despised them. Some people may very well like this book, but sadly I did not.

I did occasionally enjoy the bits of word play in there, but other than that.... well I slogged through. Though I did nearly give it two stars... really there should be half stars. I can see why others like it, but I am not one of those who do. 

Have you read Emma, or any other books of Jane Austen's?
What did you think of them?

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