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Chair Pockets

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Chair Pockets

The other day I didn't know what to do. So I asked mummy and she suggested I make some pockets for the boy’s chairs. So I did and then was having so much fun I made a bigger one for my sister’s chair too.

You will need: material, sewing machine, thread, velcro, scissors and a chair, to measure the size by and to put it on.

First you must chose your material, then drape it over the chair and cut it out so it just fits over the back and down a bit further for a small chair. Don't forget to leave enough room for the hems. Then cut out a rectangle for the pocket which will be about the same width as the rest and however deep needed.

Next get out the sewing machine and hem around the edges of both pieces. The hems will look much neater if you fold the raw edge under so it can’t be seen.

Next sew the pocket onto the rest of the material, DON'T SEW UP THE TOP! Now get a piece or two of velcro, (sticky backed stuff is especially good, because it will stay where you put it until sewed on.) Be careful not to get the thread stuck in the velcro, so the sewing machine can’t pull it through, because that might pull the needle back and make it hit the foot and SNAP, (I think that’s what mine did!) my good needle too :(  

Then  you will need to turn it inside out and if it is a big chair just put the two bottom edges together and sew up the SIDE EDGES. If the chair is a smaller one the pocket will hang down lower than the back of the chair, so be more careful when sewing up the edges.

Turn it the right way around and slip it on the chair, put your stuff in it and your done.

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