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We Ride at Dawn

By 17:07:00

We Ride at Dawn

It is early, it’s the time that isn’t really yet called day
The stars are still shining, but across the sky the moon has made its way

The rooster and the kookaburra, the only birds awake
In the time of waiting stillness, before the daybreak

Hear: the little crickets, frogs, the dripping of the tank
Glow now in the east, no longer westward, where I know the sun sank

The dogs start to stir, more birds come to sing
All will awake soon, a new day forth bursting

Listen, the peaceful breathing, of companion sleepers beside
Awake up and ready, for at dawn we must ride! 

I wrote this at about 5:40 this morning. What was I doing up then?Writing of course!

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  1. Nice poem. Now I wish I could write something like that. :D

    Oh, and, why ever were you awake to be writing at such a time?

    1. Well I just woke up, and the poem just unfolded so I had to find something to write it down on and it sort of woke me up!