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Dancing Foxes

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Before church this morning I was wandering around outside with my sister. When I thought I saw a dog or something, walking along the neighbours drive in amongst the shadows. There were two. Seeing their long skinny bodies with pointed ears and face, we realized they were probably foxes. Then they ran out onto the sloping area of nicely mown green grass (from all the rain, we had a while would normally be brown.) the two foxes would run around and then standing up on hind legs one would get knocked over. It would lie there for a few seconds then spring up and they would chase each other again. Their fur gleamed in the morning sunlight and we could see black on their paws and at the end of each bushy tail.

The thing that really annoyed me was I hadn’t brought my camera! Yes that is almost the end of the world, but it happens. I wanted to race and get it, but then I might miss something, anyway they soon saw us and slipped of into the trees and long grass.

I had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t like foxes and that they kill my chickens. Also they are why I have to go out every night and morning to lock up or unlock my chickens whether it’s a nice day, pouring rain, blowing a gale of just freezing cold! Not that I don’t normally enjoy doing that! But at times I’d rather not.

Seeing the foxes so clearly and for so long, playing like that was pretty amazing. Normally all I see is an orange streak and grasses rustling. 

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