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Satin Bowerbirds

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 Satin Bowerbirds

Showing off
Juvenile Satin Bowerbird 
We have a bower of a Satin Bowerbird in our garden out the front of our place. Our old male seems to have moved out and given up his bower to a young male who has not yet got all his adult feathers. Young bowerbirds all look like little female bowerbirds which are a speckled green colour, but when the males get older they slowly moult turning a beautiful black that is blue in the sunlight. The male bowerbird will build a bower and platform, consisting of a mat of sticks and two walls that bend over slightly forming an arch. The female will sit in there and Mr Bowerbird will fluff up his feathers and hop around picking up all his pretty blue things he has collected, flicking his wings up and down. Also he will chirp and make noises similar to a cicada; sometime he will mimic other birds, like a duck (which sounds very funny) or a wren.

They are extremely difficult to photograph. These took a lot of patience, zoom and standing very still! 


Wiggling tail at me

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