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Peg Bag

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Peg Bag

You will need; material, scissors, thread, sewing machine, wire, wire cutters, and something else like a measuring tape or pins not sure what but you will probably need it!

Cut a rectangle of fabric about 60 x 40 cm maybe bigger because mine only just held all our pegs, but we do have a lot of them. Place the two outside sides together, so it is inside out. Next sew up the edge and the bottom, tucking the very edge under so it looks neat. For the top make a big hem, with enough room inside it to put the wire through. DON’T SEW IT UP THE WHOLE WAY otherwise there will be nowhere to put the wire in!

Now measure the wire and make sure that you cut enough to go around the top once, with a bit overlapping. Cut it and thread it into the hem. The wire should hold the bag open, as long as it is thick enough. Then sew up the gap you left to insert the wire.

For the handle cut a strip about 55 cm long and 13 cm wide, it doesn't really matter. Sew up the edge and turn it the right way around which is difficult but possible. Then sew it onto the bag with a rectangle going as close to the wire as possible. 

Then you are done! You can put pegs in it and hang it up.

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